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Total Shaving Solution Shave Oil

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100% Natural Shaving Oil

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Pros: All Natural, synthetic chemical free, no alcohol, no dyes
Cons: Not a lather based product
I was given a sample of this product for review, so I didn't pay for it, but it is priced at 5 Euro for 10 ml or 10 Euro for 25 ml. Postage is included in the purchase price, so I think that it's a very good value, especially when you consider that the 10 ml bottle is expected to get around 90 shaves at 3 drops of oil per shave. I have very hard water, so needed a total of 4 drops of product in order to get a great shave rather than 3 drops as directed. Even with 3 drops, I got a good shave, though it was a little draggy. The ingredients of this are: Sesame seed oil, soya bean oil, grapeseed oil, menthol, clove bud oil, and lavender oil. The package says "including eugenol, isoeugenol, limonene, geraniol, and linalool" which can be found as natural components of various essential oils. Three or four drops of TSS oil were enough to get me through a 3-pass shave with no irritation. In fact, the shave was really pleasant, and the menthol and clove oil were a great combination. The only "down" side is that this is a totally non-lather product when used as indicated. I wonder how it might work as a pre-shave product, and will be trying that over the next few days.
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