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I got 10 of these as part of a sampler. I loaded it into my Merkur classic and yesterday, shaved away with Mam Bears Orange Orange. The shave was a bit rough but I figured I'd give it a try again today. I did and it was a painful experience to finish the shave. As I went to take it out of the Rqzor, I saw the blade was all rusty and had left rust stains in teh razor. Took me a while to clean it out. This blade will nevr be used again!

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I couldn't even make it through a shave. I got 1/3 of the way done and had to change to a better brand of blade. This is the worst blade I've tried and I hope to never try one even close to this bad again.:thumbdown
So many negative reviews for this blade. There are two types floating around. I hear there is a plastic black feather like pack as well as the red cardboard one pictured above. This one is stainless steel. Well the shave was good. No tugging or skipping. I used it in a Merkur travel open-comb. Not the sharpest blade so that will affect longevity I imagine. They are dirt cheap so not an issue. Anyway, a decent blade and i've got a smooth shave after my usual 4 passes.

Edit. I had to take the blade out straight away, I checked the razor after reading it may rust and I think if I had left it in there overnight it would have. A little inconvenient, wonder why they didn't think of coating the things.

Further edit. Ok, the blade, left out of the razor and dried, has rust all over it after 1 day. So it is only a one shave blade. I had a decent shave with it but 1 use only makes it not worth getting.

- Aaron
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