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Shaving(R/G) SH-4

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Do you know a shaving brush made ​​by Kumano brush technology ?

What The Kumano brush?

Shaving brush using the traditional techniques of the Kumano brush has made ​​his company .

Tesshyu Takemori


Shaving brush of Chikuhodo has a WaterBadgerhair the main material .

what is water badger?
It is a top-secret , but I'll give you a hint only a little.
Not European badger (Meles meles)
Not Asian badger (Meles leucurus)
Not Japanese badger (Meles anakuma)
Not Honey Badger,American badger and Chinese ferret-badger.
It is not even the hot topic of Manchuria Badger .

The animal has been living in the waterfront of southern China .
water badger hair has a thin smooth hair tips and the strong backbone.
It is strong against water and moisture.

I traveled to Chikuhodo headquarters , were compared pick up all of the shaving brush directly .
SH-5 is Knot size also thick with 100% Badger hair, it is very, very strong backbone and excellent quality Silver Tip.
SH-4 is Knot size20mm Loft size58mm in 100% water badger hair.
It has much testimony to scarcity of water badger short of only SH-4 against Loft size 60mm of other brush.
Sh-1 and SH-2 is only different in size , are blended in about half and half is Badger and water Badger .
We enjoy the feel of the water Badger at a reasonable price .

I had purchased the SH-2, I did not really forget the silk like feel of water Badger 100% .
I was replaced with SH-4 and turned back the way chikuhodo.

I'm very happy now .

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