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Green Cult V1.0 razor V1.0 (0.95 mm gap)

Tremendous performance with unbelievable smoothness

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Green Cult released several iterations since 2019 and the V1.0 was their 1st attempt at full CNC Milled SS razor.

They went for a beautiful combination of smoothness (note minimal blade chatter) and awe inspiring efficiency without the user feeling unsafe at any point of time.

This is my understanding for the reason they went for following specifications:

Gap: 0.95 mm
Exposure: 0.25 mm positive exposure
Weight : 120+ gms
Handle Length: 103 mm
Target users: unisex (yeah, right)




I was looking for something budget friendly, unique, stainless steel and efficient, and I stumbled upon the page about Green Cult razor here in Badger and Blade.

It took me a few weeks to find the vendor who can deliver to my address as my country isn't serviceable by many European vendors.

The feel: the razor is hefty, yet extremely well balanced. At no point of shaving do I felt fatigue due to weight of the razor.

The shave: this razor is what I call 1st pass wonder. This razor clears off stubble like nobody's business and that too without misbehaving in terms of irritation or difficulty in maneuvering.

Silent and efficient: this razor has minimal blade chatter and unless there is user error, there is absolutely no irritation at all.

Two paas is all I need with this razor and near BBS is achieved. Sharp blades suit well in this razor - Nacet, Feather, Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum, Silver Blue, R K Stainless steel blades, etc

Recommended: Only for advanced users as light touch is needed to fully and safely enjoy the shaves with this razor. Buffing is not recommended at all.

Availability: Discontinued but can be found in BST and other forums Bazaar.

Price: It retailed at 40€ or so in new condition. Honestly, it was a steal at that price and I feel lucky to have snagged it.

Comparison: Definitely better than many if not all higher priced razors in terms of price point, efficiency, smoothness, material.

No YMMV doesn't factor in this because that's a fact, but I'll respect everyone's opinion.

Looks: Gorgeous and functional at the same time. I'm in love with this and one other version of Green Cult razor.
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