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To pay tribute to the cool Mods vs Rockers scene, we created two unique soaps based on these sub cultures and named them ‘Mods’ and ‘Rockers’.

Our ‘Rockers’ shaving soap can be described as sweet and dirty. The scent contains notes of Raspberry, Lemon, Tanned Leather, Fresh Muddy Dirt, Moist Mossy Notes, Tahitian Vanilla and Tropical Flowers. Certainly a strange combination, but it blends oh so well! The primary note you notice when opening the jar is Raspberry and Lemon, but after a few moments, the Leather and Dirt come through, not too strongly but just enough get your attention. Rockers is a scent that is meant to bring out your wild side. The scent of Leather and Dirt pay homage to the bikers of the 60’s while the Raspberry, Lemon and Vanilla lend a softer note to the soap. This scent evokes thoughts of kick starting your vintage Triton motorcycle, putting on your goggles and giving the throttle a confident twist. The smell of your leather jacket and the sound of your roaring exhaust fills your senses. Rockers shaving soap was inspired by Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather cologne.

Rockers is a paraben free tallow based shaving soap.

Size: 4 oz in a screw top plastic tub.

Ingredients/Ingrédients: Stearic Acid; Tallow; Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil; Aqua (Water/Eau); Potassium Hydroxide; Ricinus Communis (Caster Seed) Oil; Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter); Lanolin; Fragrance (Parfum); Silk Fibres.

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Pros: lather, scent
Cons: none
I purchased this in conjunction with the "Mods & Rockers" combo for their soap line. Comparing the two dry Rockers was the definite winner with a strong, earthy scent. However, upon lathering the Mods got a much stronger powder scent, while the Rockers kind of faded away (perhaps at the command of Roger's "why don't you all just fade away?"). It still performs like a champ, rich, slick lather that allows the razor to fly over my face. Great concept, but these folks didn't skimp on soap quality either.
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