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RazoRock Lupo .95 OC

The OC version of the Lupo .95

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The RR Lupo .95 OC is the evolution/addition to the current Lupo line. Once you have become used to the GameChanger .84, .84 OC, or JAWS version and want a little more efficiency this is the razor for you.

The razor is made from marine-grade stainless steel and costs $69.99. I ordered mine w/ the Bulldog handle (13 mm x 90 mm, ~2.8 oz weight) and the fit & finish are on point. All of my other RR razors ( GC .84 & GC JAWS) have the barber pole handle; my Lupo .95 SB has a Barbaros handle, but I wanted something different for the OC.

According to the IB website, the .95 OC will be slightly more aggressive than the SB version of the .95.

I didn't notice any more aggression (vs the 95 SB) in my shaves this week but I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness level. I felt like I didn't have a blade loaded several times during my shaves, but after 2 passes, my face was just a few buffs away from BBS.

This will be my new daily driver. I own both the 2011 & 2013 versions of the R41 and while I enjoy the shaves from each of them, neither work for me as a daily driver- at some point after the 3rd or 4th shave, my face is too sensitive/sore and I have to shift to another razor. So far this week, I have not had that experience w/ the .95 OC.

The razor is more efficient than the .95 SB; I always do 3 passes and buffing with the SB to obtain a BBS. I only need 2 passes w/ the .95 OC (Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow loaded) and just 2 areas of slight buffing on my chin.

Grip : ***** (I never felt like I was going to drop it)
Price : ***** (Stainless steel for less than a Benjamin? Sign me up!)
Balance : ***** (The extra 5mm from the Bulldog handle truly makes a difference-superb!)
Quality : ***** (RazoRock has solid offerings with something for everyone.)
Adjustability : * (only through changing blades)
User Friendly : **** (Always be cautious when changing a blade-this gap may not be for everyone)
Aggressiveness : ***** (I'm unable to do 4 1/2 stars but I didn't feel any aggression, so I'm taking their word for it. YMMV)
Ease of Blade Replacement : *** ( Standard for a 3 piece DE)

Lupo 95 OC Top.jpgLupo 95 OC Bottom.jpgLupo 95 OC Complete.jpg20220524_201134.jpg

Now all that's left for me to do is to load the same blade in the .95 SB (and switch in the bulldog handle) to see how it shaves in comparison.

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