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A Modern Classic: Parker 78R

A review of the Parker 78R. Rebirth of a classic.

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Hello B and B community, I have been wet shavung for nine years with your help and support. Thank You!! Two shocks in my shaving life when I went to reorder a supply of Williams soap a few weeks ago. Sad day....Shock 2 There is not a review on B and B of the Parker 78R. A little about me I shave with vintage Gillette mostly. My favorite razor is a pre-war Fat handle Tech (not Pictured). I also like the ball end tech and my favorite SS is a 1953 Y4. I like mild yet efficient razors.

Enter the Parker 78R that boasts a redesigned razor head this is not your typical Parker if you have experience with them or if you just look at there typical design. I bought the razor because of the new design of the razor head and the knurling pattern on the handle. The knurling pattern on the handle reminds me of a Fat handle Tech. (See photos). The handle of the 78R is thinner than a typical razor handle it reminds me of a ball-end Tech handle.

The 78R is 4 inches long. The handle is 3.81 inches long great knurling. This one is easy to hold on to. 78R comes in three colors and can be yours for about $25.

The all important Question how does it shave?

It shaves like a dream. It is smooth and close with little or no blade feel. There is no blade overhang so it can easily get under the nose. It is the smoothest closest shave I have had. As far as aggressiveness is concerned Some say that it is aggressive. I find it smooth and efficient like a Tech or 40s or early 50s Super Speed.The razor is plated Brass and has a solid feel like a vintage Gillette. I think it will become a modern classic. I would recommend it for those just starting out or if you are Suffering from RAD this will find a place in your heart and your Den. It such such a smooth shave I highly recommend it. I have heard others talk of a grail razor or a Goldie-locks Razor I thought that was not possible. But I am changing my mind. Thanks for your time and attention. Good shaving to you!

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Surprisingly good
Pros: inexpensive
Cons: thin handle
I have one shave under my belt with my new 78R. Once I found the correct angle, which was fairly easy, it was a fantastic shave. The handle, although a bit skinny, is very grippy which is great for my shaving style. It felt a bit head heavy, but I was able to adjust. It's a very mild feel, but it mowed my stubble down very well. Dollar for dollar, a very good razor.
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