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Razor and Shaving Brush Stand - Chrome over Brass

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Chrome over solid brass construction, very high quality piece!

The stand will accommodate most modern and vintage safety razors.

The stand will accommodate most size shaving brushes.

Great design, holds the brush with the bristles/hair facing down, allowing your shaving brush to dry thoroughly!

Very beautiful design, perfect for displaying your razor and brush.

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Pros: Supposedly chromed solid brass so it will never rust.
Cons: None so far.
I got tired trying to find a decent shave stand online. Either the listing claims it to be "stainless steel" with multiple reviews saying it rusted rather quickly or the manufacturer refuses to say what is under the chrome. (If they are asking $30, $40, $50 or more and don't say what it's made of I don't trust them.)

Finally the magic of Google led me to this chromed brass stand, the only one I could find, and it's only $20. The piece weighs enough to be believably brass and to be completely stable, has impressive hooks on the ends of the holders (another common complaint of stands is that items fall off from flat or barely up swept holders), and has a little felt on the bottom to keep it from scratching your sink.

The manufacturer doesn't give the opening size of the brush holder but I bought it and prayed. My tape measure says its 25mm or a hair over and my Omega 10049 knot (25mm) barely fits if you slightly force it so I would say it would be perfect for up to a 24mm knot. My Omega 10098 hangs from the handle beautifully though!

I'll keep everyone posted on whether it eventually rusts or not. So far I'm extremely pleased...

(I bought it from their Ebay store for $19.99 with free shipping instead of from their website for $18.99.)
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