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[Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale]

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A sleek digital scale. From the manufacturer: The EatSmart Precision Plus is our newest high capacity, ultra accurate digital bathroom scale. The slim, ergonomic design fits perfectly into any surroundings and oversized non-slip platform safely allows weights up to 440 pounds (one of the highest capacities on the market). At over 15 inches wide this scale will fit anyone comfortably. Also, the Precision Plus allows you to simply step on and instantaneously get your weight on an extra large 4.3" LCD display.

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Pros: sleek, stylish, high weight capacity, easy to read
This is a very accurate scale that measures weight in increments of 0.2 pounds (3 ounces). It can handle weights up to 440 pounds. You don't need to step on/tap on the scale before you weigh yourself...just step on and get an instant reading. I has a large back-lit display (brilliant blue) and retains the weight for a few seconds after you step off the scale. It's auto-calibrated and is 15 inches wide, accommodating just about any body size. NOTE: I use this "bathroom" scale outside of the bathroom--in my bedroom, which is carpeted--and had to place it on a hard ceramic tile (purchased at Home Depot) to avoid the zany readings produced when the scale is placed directly on the carpet. It works perfectly now that it's on the tile.
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