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Incredible floral fragrance with essential oils only!

From Mama: This is a floral/woods blend with the emphasis on the floral.. Backyard Gazebo is 100% natural essential oil blend with notes of Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood. If you can imagine yourself in a flower garden with the scent of sandalwood anchoring the florals together you can begin to imagine this fragrance.

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Pros: Incredible scent; slick lather with plenty of cushion; easy to lather
This review is based upon a sample of Backyard Gazebo. I have had several shaves with the sample and applied it by: moistening the soap, rubbing it over my face and neck, and lathering with my Tweezerman badger brush. The smell is incredible, with strong rose and jasmine notes, featuring a supporting role of sandalwood. As typical of Mama Bear Shaving Soaps, this soap is easy to lather, provides plenty of slick cushioning and leaves the face feeling soft and moisturized. It provides a very close and comfortable shave with only two passes and some touch-ups. The price listed for this 4 ounce soap in a plastic container (with screw-on lid) is $11.99. Mama Bear's Soaps last a long time, so the price is a bargain. I ordered many other samples from Mama Bear Soaps, but this one immediately stood out. I will be ordering the 4 ounce tub soon and it will have a prominent spot in an already crowded soap & cream lineup.
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