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[Moisturizing Shea Butter French Milled Bar Soap]

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Produces monstrous lather! From manufacturer: South of France - French Milled Bar Soap Shea Butter - 8 oz. (227g)

South of France Shea Butter Bar Soap lets you experience a fresh start with the pure wholesomeness of Shea Butter. Clean & subtle, Shea Butter is the fragrance of choice for sensitive skin. A naturally-occuring moisturizer, butter from the African Shea nut absorbs rapidly and never leaves skin feeling greasy. Calm, subtle Shea Butter cuts through the clamor & stress of your day and lets you get back to you.

The South of France French Milled traditional soap line is 100% vegetable based and contains soothing olive oil and moisturizing Shea butter in a long lasting 8oz. bar. Infused with natural fragrances and essential oils, these rich lathering, cruelty-free bars are produced using a traditional recipe from Provence. Colored with Natural Mineral and Vegetable Pigments. Tantalize your senses and soothe your skin with our luxurious, moisturizing soap, nourish and feed your skin.

South of France Products are:

Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free: contains no animal by-products and not tested on animals

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Pros: clean, fresh scent, lots of lather
A great, moisturizing soap, with a fresh, clean scent. Luxurious lather. Leaves the skin soft and skin feeling clean. Not tested on animals, no animal by-products, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate free, EDTA free, paraben free, phthalate free. Recycled packaging used. This is an 8 ounce bar of soap and because it is French Milled, it lasts through many showers/baths.
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