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Pall Mall Barbers Shaving system

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Review of Pall Mall Barbers Shaving Products

The packaging of this product was great. It came in a nice black box and the containers, Pre and Post Shave with the Shaving cream. Instructions were in the box explaining how to properly use the products. Usually I would say I do not need instructions especially since I have used many products. Simpson’s Cream, TOBS, Proraso, and ETC. In this case though, the instructions were on point in terms of using the product. One Pump from each is all you need, which I found out after using two pumps from the post shave at one point and it was way too much.

The scent Sandalwood and Clove is great. There are a lot of complicated scents out there but this was very good. Not complex but something that you can wear every day. The wife enjoyed the scent also which means it is a keeper. If she hates it then no good, I mean it is one of the reasons to smell good is for the ladies. I truly like the scent and it lasts a good while.

The pre-shave with its little scrubby ball thingy’s works great. At first I was like is this one pump going to be enough? Well yes it was enough. I think depending on how much facial hair will depend though how much of this you might need. Daily shaving is good for the one, but if you got some days or a week you might need two pumps.

The shaving cream which again is one pump, and recommended with not much water and a synthetic brush. I tested three synthetic brushes and three badger brushes. This to me was the Con maybe of the product. Synthetics were King in his part just as recommended, but the Plisson synthetic was the best of the bunch. The Simpson synthetic I think was too dense and held too much water. The badgers required more product to create lather. Dense brushes did not work out as well as a less dense floppier brush. Similar with the Plisson which is a floppier synthetic but the Game Changer synthetic worked great also which I would say was in the middle. This is not saying this shaving system does not work with every brush, but I am saying it works best as they recommend with a synthetic. That’s the only Con on that part especially since most of my brushes are Simpson’s or other dense brushes. For lather I found face lathering was best for me, but hand lathering or bowl works just as fine also.

The post shave balm works very well. Has the great smell and feels great on the skin. The overall post shave feel is great from using these products. I also only do two passes which is WTG and XTG I do not do ATG. So even with the two passes it feels great. Again do not use too much because then it will be like putting on sun block.

My overall impression of this is that it works great. Like I said before I have used many creams or soaps and this holds up with some of the greats. I have also tried other three part shaving systems in the past but what makes me enjoy this one is the scent and the post shave feel. Those two things make this set great. The other thing I like about the set is that it’s great for travel. I just took it on vacation and tossed it in my bag and don’t have to worry about anything breaking or getting squished. I hope you enjoy my review.

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