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Two Faced Shaving Soap

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Another review of a Nevermore Body Co product since they now offer shaving soap for us to enjoy called two face. First off the soap comes squared due to being molded by the packaging it seems but not to worry. Thats where a cheese grater and my new 50 cent shaving mug come into play. After shaving it down into the mug and setting it up, prepared me new b&b brush and new g12 scuttle to try out this George - Musk & Rosewood scented shave soap. First the lathering was very easy and doesn't seem to need tons of water, although i think i may have had a bit too much at first. applied like any other lather does, and for the shave i used a 1986 SA with feather blade set on 5. At first i thought wow almost too much lather, the blade just floated across not hitting much. reminded me a bit like barbasol. so i went xtg for my starter pass and went well. second with and third against of course with no complaints really except i enjoy very potent products. this has a nice smell but i feel it could be stronger. then again some don't like too strong so this is a happy medium. I wish the soap was round for the sake of ease but sometimes thats how it goes, overall it was a great soap, easy to lather, with a nice smell even the ladies seem to enjoy. I look forward to the future and more shaving products from nevermore. here is the link to the soap.

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