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I ordered a few small packs of these, treets, and gems to give my micromatic a spin. Of the three these would have to be the best for me. they are exactly the same as the treets (ASRCO 009RD), but they are blued steel as opposed to plain carbon steel. They have the coolness factor advantage!:001_cool: Looks aside, these are a good bit sharper and smoother than the gem stainless blades, with a bit of a loss in the longevity. I get 3-4 shaves on one blade with hand-stropping, as opposed to ~5 with a gem. As has been stated many times before, a quick rinse in rubbing alcohol will help prevent rust. The dispenser is convenient, and has a bank, but i much prefer the individually wrapped blades that fit in my damaskeene blade box. Overall you are hard-pressed to find a better blade than this at the price (~$2.50US /10) :star::thumbup:

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Pros: Wonderfully sharp and smooth
Cons: Now extinct
I recently took delivery of some ye olde Pal, Hollow Ground, single edge blades.

I am mightily impressed with the sharpness and smoothness of these old beauties. I don't know exactly when they were made but I'm guessing in the fifties sometime. They come in a cardboard box of ten with a little man in red pyjamas and his face covered in shaving cream on the left corner of the box.

While I have had one dud and one blade that was OK the others I've used have been great. Then again they are about sixty-ish years old, so I can't complain about the odd fizzer. I can get four good, clean shaves out of one blade with my skin feeling terrific afterwards. In my opinion they are better than the blades available today.

The blade is also blued like it's modern counterpart and the spine is nice and solid with PAL Hollow Ground on one side and PAL Made in USA on the other. I reckon that adds a bit of class and substance to the blade.

Maybe if all us SE razor users rise up, grab our pitch forks and flaming torches and storm the Corporate HQ of the American Safety Razor Corp. we could convince them to start making them again.
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Smoothness of Shave
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Just saw these at a local grocery store and quickly looked up the B&B review page. At five for a dollar I would have taken a chance but this place had them at $3.50 for five.
I love these blades.

I buy them at the dollar store in the plain cardboard hanger pack.

No plastic blade bank.

Five for a dollar.

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