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Hello all,

Just thought I would stop by and post my first product review. Up for your consideration is my new travel kit by Colonel Littleton of the great state of Tennessee.

After having gotten the “itch” to restart the wet shaving adventure from this website after a hiatus of several years I decided my modern travel shave gear just lacked the character requisite to transport all of my new goodies (some of which are still in transit).

This is the Colonel’s shave kit number 2 with all leather exterior and canvas interior. As you can tell from the picks, the entire bag will hang allowing for easy access to all of your tools and the canvas interior snaps out of its roll-up leather exterior for easy clean-up when your favorite soap or cream inevitably gets spilled.

This kit is very roomy once expanded but folds down to a very convenient size when buckled. You can really tell when you hold this item it was crafted by someone skilled who cares about the small details. It should outlast the brushes it will carry. At around $200 this is not the cheapest travel kit on the market and explains the six rating for price, but who am I kidding, this was the next logical step in having succumbed to the onset of acquisition disorder. The only 10 rating I am fudging is durability because this kit is yet to venture out of the house but I expect my rating to be earned nonetheless. The 10 rating for packaging was definitely influenced by the included Moon Pie chocolate treat from the Colonel himself which included a note explaining it was meant to provide a little taste of Tennessee.

I hope I can get up the nerve to venture out of the double edge comfort zone to try out the straights (and specifically learn to care for them adequately) because this kit looks like it was meant to transport one, on safari or elsewhere.

You can find the Colonel and all of his goodies at the following link:

Cheers and hope all of you enjoyed. Thanks again for renewing my interest.

With kindest regards,
Dapper Dan






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I noticed that a number of people who bought merchandise from Redenvelop posted complaints because of unauthorized service fees applied to their credit cards. That makes me a bit nervous. The Colonel's kit is currently $245, but it seems to be worth the $. I'm really leaning towards the Colonel.
Wow, this is a beautiful piece. The Red Envelope item has a nylon interior, not canvas ... canvas is better, IMO. And the Red Envelope model does not appear to have the detachable interior, which is a big minus for me.
sirahren;939149 said:
Its worth noting that red envelope makes a knock off of these for around $75.00 which not knowing about these, I purchased. Seems well made. If it lets me down I'll definately be upgrading! =)
I could not find a similar thing for $75.00. I could only find one for $125 that is on sale for $100.

Did you use a coupon or purchase it a while ago?

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