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Large Wet Shaving Lather Mug Bowl with Handle in Green Iron Red

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This is a large handmade shaving mug with a handle. It has a spiderweb interior which makes incredible lather. Since it is handmade, it is unique. Mine is green and iron red. It has a lip on the top which keeps the lather from overflowing.

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Pros: makes incredibly rich lather incredibly fast
Cons: none
I was always dissatisfied with my black porcelain Muhle shaving bowl. It was as beautiful as it was impractical. It was small, shallow, slippery, and had no handle. I could never get good quality lather with some of my soaps, and it would always overflow. Since it was porcelain, it was delicate. It was really an accident waiting to happen. Then, one day, in my futile mixing fury, it slipped out of my hands, barely hit the sink, and shattered -- in a million pieces -- good riddance!

I ran across The Mud Place (https://themudplace.com); Etsy address: (https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheMudPlace). I know that scuttles are all the rage now, but I was looking for a mug, although Leslie does makes scuttles. This item is really more like a large bowl with a handle, rather than a mug. I like the idea of handmade, unique, "one off" items. I chose the green and iron red. The finish is first rate and the mug just looks so unique. It also displays well. But the really great thing is how it performs. It has this spiderweb carved interior that produces fantastic lather very quickly. It also has a lip on the top which prevents the lather from overflowing. The large handle is very ergonomic. The thing is built like a tank -- very sturdy. I tested it with my Cella, which was notoriously difficult to mix in my old bowl. What a difference! Incredible lather with hardly any effort. Nothing overflowed and the handle made the bowl very easy to manipulate. Obviously, this mug was made with a lot of thought.
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