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Joris Shaving Soap

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Price:I don't know the price, because I received the soap (a refill) as a gift from Atkinsons of Vancouver. That's why I gave it 0. I put the soap in a 3" ramekin and it fit fine. No need to buy the expensive bowl.

Quality:It's right up there with the other high-end British soaps that I've used.

Scent:The scent is light and clean. It is not overpowering and it will not interfere with cologne.

Lather: The lather is very rich and creamy. It stays moist throughout my entire 3-pass shave plus touch-ups.

Efficacy: It lubricates my face very well and makes shaving a pleasure.

Moisturizing: In general, triple-milled soaps are not as moisturizing as creams and Joris is no exception. My face feels quite comfortable after using it, however. I use alum block followed by Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner after I shave, so moisturization is not that big a deal for me.

I am surprised that a soap of this quality has not been reviewed before. Joris is a great soap in my rotation.

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It can be found at Colonial Drug in Cambridge MA and is truly an awesome soap!
This was my first shaving soap after the Col. Conk shaving soaps

I found this to be distinctly different, much more frothy.

I like the joris shaving soap a lot more.

I got it as a gift and it came from a shaving shop in Paris France.

i don't have a lot to compare it to so i gave it all tens.
I have a puck of Joris too & love it. It is made in England & fits nicely dome side up in a Tupperware bowl. Great skin care. Tricky to find sometimes in the US. Only downside I can see is you gotta work it good to get a decent lather but once it's there, it's top shelf. :thumbup:
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