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HG "Quantum" Scuttle

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Hi All
My name is Michael and became a wet shaver over one month ago and I like to do my first review of a product on a wet shaving group and I’m no expert, just a new safety razor driver, but I like my locally made Scuttle and I would like to help the Potter who made it get more business.
The product is HG "Quantum" Scuttle. I live in Australia and freight is an issue here, to get one from the USA could cost $55 in shipping. When I found an Australian based Potter who makes Scuttles and freight was only $14, I knew that I have found what I was looking for. This product description comes from her web page;
HG "Quantum" Scuttle:
- has a shallow inner bowl, 9.5cm across, with vertical and spiral grooves.
- holds approx. 200ml of boiling water in the mug under the inner bowl
- a small cup fits soap and holds the shaving brush
- also the small cup fits upside down, inside the inner bowl, reducing the soap drying out
- comfortable handle and easy filling/pouring spout.

The pricing is $55 (at 2014) for the HG "Quantum" Scuttle:
- Postage within Australia is $14.
- Postage Internationally, Asia & Europe is $45.
- USA Postage is $45 plus $9 for US Border Security Fee.
Helena the Potter who makes the Scuttle is a true Artisan and this shows in her products. The lather from the bowl is great (the soap used in the photo was Mitchell's "Wool Fat" shaving soap, not to bad for a first attempt with the tricky Wool Fat). I like that there is cup for the soap and it fits inside the inner bowl for storage. The Scuttle comes in many colours too. So I do recommend the HG “Quantum” Scuttle to all Australians or people who love quality handmade art work.
The link to the HG "Quantum" Scuttle is

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