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Foundry Talbot

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Size: 7.5" x 38
Country: Unknown
Wrapper: Uknown Proprietary Wrapper
Strength: mild-medium
Appearance: Oily brown wrapper with minimal veins
Construction: Good draw with lots of smoke output. Had to touch up a minor burn once , but overall pretty even burn considering the ring gauge. Ash was pretty decent but a little flakey.
Flavor: Very one dimensional, pretty mild smoke. I got a little bit of earthy leather and thats about it.
Other thoughts: The marketing ploy of using the up and coming steampunk genre seemed pretty cool. Band and wrapper had a nice presentation too it. It has a nifty gear band that looked really cool, but I should have taken it off before I started smoking it, it ended up cracking the hell out of the wrapper when I tried to remove it. But supposedly the gear will be used to combine with other things that will be accompanied by new blends in the future to make something.
Overall though, I probably won't buy another one. I also still have one in the lovelace vitola (6" x 50) but it will probably just sit in the humidor till I one day im feeling a really boring smoke.

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Pros: Nifty marketing - decent construction
Cons: really boring flavor
overall boring smoke
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