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My Uzi Weighs a Ton Kentucky Fire Cure Chunky

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Size: 4x46
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Kentucky Fire Cured
Strength: medium-full
Appearance: Slightly Oily and slightly rough Wrapper
Pre-light: Reminded me of Frog Morton Cellar with a hint of molasses.
First Third: After lighting up, I got quite a bit of pepper and a hint of that latakia smokiness in pipe tobaccos.
Second Third: The pepperiness mellowed out quite a bit, and the smokey, woodsy latakia smokiness is a lot more apparent now. There is also a hint of maple syrupy sweetness. A quick retrohale was really harsh and peppery, burned my nose a bit.
third third: The pepper picked up a bit again, but there was also a hint of something that kind of reminded me a bit of Jagermeister.
Other thoughts: Had a nice burn throughout, and draw was pretty fantastic. There was good smoke output. Overall I thought it was a pretty decent smoke. I would probably pick up a couple in a larger vitola when they are released. Not the best I've ever had, but pretty good.

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Pros: Flavor
Change of Pace
Cons: Separate Humi
I have sampled the line and have a few thoughts.

If you like both pipe tobacco and cigars, I think you'll like this as a blending of the two, especially if you like pipe blends with dark fired Kentucky or latakias. In my opinion, these cigars benefit from having a smaller ring gauge as the balance of the filler binder wrapper suits my tastes more. For that reason, I prefer the “Delfinas” (lancer / panatela sized; 6 x 26) or the “Kyotos” (5.50 x 34). They just seem to have more of the character these deliver.

If you are reaching for a cigar and want a classic cigar, don't grab one of these. If you are reaching for a cigar, like pipes and want a cigar with some pipe tobacco like characteristics, take a ride with one of these. Definitely a change of pace.
Pros: _
Cons: _
Not sure what price and value is since I got a pre-release and they have not hit the shelves yet.
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