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American Patriot, Double Eagle, Old Dominion

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Yesterday, I made a quick post noting that I received my sampler from Sterling Tobacco Company. This sampler gives you a choice of three tobaccos. You get more than an ounce of each tobacco (this is a guess, based on comparison to a 1.5 ounce pack of Half & Half) for $7, shipped. Here's the link: www.sterlingtobacco.com.

I chose their Double Eagle, American Patriot and Old Dominion blends. I dipped into them today, and they are simply AMAZING! I've been smoking drugstore tobaccos for the past month. This is going to make it tough to go back to anything I can buy locally!

My favorite is the American Patriot. It's my first English blend, and my first taste of latakia. Sterling describes it as such: "(Heavy English) A bold English Blend. More Latakia makes this blend bolder. Sadly it also makes it a more expensive, but it’s worth it if you love English. A smooth solid blend with full body. Just smell its Smokey aroma. Not a cake but has wonderful structure and complexity. This outstanding blend will leave a pleasant room note." I describe it as "Smoking a little piece of Heaven."

The Double English and Old Dominion blends are both almost sweet. Each of these tobaccos taste and smoke better than anything that I have tried to date. If you haven't given Sterling a try, don't wait any longer!

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