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El Triunfador Lancero Limitedje

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Size: 7.5" x 38
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut broadleaf
Strength: Medium
Appearance: This cigar was a dark brown color with a slightly oily and toothy wrapper. It had some considerably large veins, and is definitely not the prettiest of cigars out there.
Construction: The draw was a little too firm at certain points but loosened itself up. A firmer draw and smaller amounts of smoke is something that I have come to accept when it comes to the lancero vitola, and this one was definitely better than most on the draw and smoke out was probably better than most lanceros but still can't be compared to a cigar with a larger ring gauge. The burn became uneven about half way through the cigar, and I had to touch it up once, and then never had the problem again throughout the rest of the cigar.
Flavor: This cigar was a fairly complex when it came to flavors for me. At first it seemed pretty spicy and peppery, with some cocoa and woodsy flavor in the background. But as the second third of the cigar approached, the spicy pepperyness faded toward the background while the cocoa and woodsy with a hint of creamy sweetness. Then the final third the spicy pepperyness came back to the for front but was still slightly creamy.
Other thoughts: I was pretty impressed with this cigar and would probably buy some more to smoke at some point.

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Pros: good flavor
Cons: slight burn issue
Good flavored smoke would definitely buy again
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