Cyril Salter Solid shaving soap (new TALLOW formula)

  • Review: Cyril Salter Solid shaving soap (new TALLOW formula)
    Cyril Salter  Solid Shaving Soap 70g.jpg
    1. Product name: Cyril Salter’s Solid shaving soap (Tallow)
    2. Country of origin: England
    3. Size: available in 70g and 100g pucks
    4. Price: 70g – $4.27; 100g - $5.26
    5. Cost per ounce: 70g - $1.74; 100g – $1.50
    6. Fragrance: Does it have a scent? Yes, a pleasant and spicy barbershop scent
    7. Texture: Hard soap
    8. Protective: Does it protect against razor burn and chafing? Yes
    9. Lubrication: Is it slippery? Did it help the razor slide smoothly? Yes, slick
    10. Efficiency: Does it do what was expected to help me shave? Yes
    11. Endurance: Does it require reapplication during or between passes? Not necessarily, but the lather doesn’t dissipate in case the user wishes to reapply. I apply once only and splash water on my face for touchup.
    12. Washable: Does it wash off face & razor easily afterward? Yes
    13. Moisturizing: Does it add/restore moisture? Yes
    14. Time elapsed: How long did it take to shave, from prep to cleanup? About 20 minutes because I like the lathering process. Quick to lather
    15. Brush lather: Will a brush make it lather in a bowl? Yes, tight and abundant lather
    16. Brush cleanup: Does it easily rinse out of a brush? Yes
    17. Enjoyment: Did I enjoy the shave? Yes, thoroughly
    18. Remarks: With my synthetic brush, the Salter’s Solid soap is as good as it gets. Cheap and good! This one is good enough to be my one and only.