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Acadian Spice Bay Rum and Frostbite

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Krampert's Finest Shaving Soaps: Acadian Spice Bay Rum and Frostbite

1. Product name: Krampert's Finest Shaving Soap
a. Acadian Spice Bay Rum
b. Frostbite
2. Country of origin: USA - made by Seifenglatt
3. Container size: 6 ounces
4. Price: $22.99
5. Cost per ounce: $3.83
6. Fragrance: Does it have a scent? Identical to Krampert's Finest Aftershaves by the same names.
7. Texture: Describe the look and feel. Semi-soft soap
8. Protective: Does it protect against razor burn and chafing? Yes
9. Lubrication: Is it slippery? Did it help the razor slide smoothly? Yes, slick
10. Efficiency: Does it do what was expected to help me shave? Yes
11. Endurance: Does it require reapplication during or between passes? Yes, as is my normal procedure when lathering with the brush.
12. Washable: Does it wash off face & razor easily afterward? Yes
13. Moisturizing: Does it add/restore moisture? Yes
14. Time elapsed: How long did it take to shave, from prep to cleanup? 10 to 15 minutes. Quick to lather
15. Brush lather: Will a brush make it lather in a bowl? Yes, tight and abundant lather
16. Brush cleanup: Does it easily rinse out of a brush? Yes
17. Enjoyment: Did I enjoy the shave? Yes
18. Remarks: An excellent soap, non-tallow formula, simple ingredient list (5) not counting fragrance. Doesn't dissipate on the face. Seifenglatt makes a good soap, and when combined with Brian Krampert's well-known aftershave fragrances, the results are enjoyable. The Frostbite version is menthol. After being on my face for a few moments, the menthol cooling starts and remains cold throughout the shave. There's no menthol in the Acadian Spice Bay Rum, just the rich and effectively spiced Bay Rum scent that is specific to Krampert's. The soap bursts into lather even with my hard water, and I'll probably limit loading time to 15 seconds on the soap before going to the lather bowl. No complaints, Many positives. I am impressed by the slickness and overall effective performance of this soap in both products.

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