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Booster's Iced Lime

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I decided to try some Booster's Iced Lime when I purchased my DE razor last week. So far I really like it.

Price: This got a 10 for price because its unbeatable. $9.99 for a 14 oz bottle is a wonderful price. The bottle is just over 3 times the size of most store bought aftershave products, so its actually cheaper as compared to most of those brands.

Quality: Seems to be a high quality product. I honestly cant say its better than other alcohol based spalsh-ons but for what its worth I rate it great quality.

Fights Razor Burn: My first shave with my DE, I razor burned the hell out of myself. This aftershave definitely helped cool and calm the skin

Cooling Sensation: Its alcohol based so obviously its gonna give the cooling effect.

Scent: I absolutely love the scent. To be quite honest, it smells exactly like Lime Jell-O. The only reason I rate it a 9 is because based on reviews of other products, this doesnt really produce the "real" lime smell. But all in all, I like the scent. And the best thing is IT DOES NOT LINGER. Unlike my previous after shave (aqua velva type), the scent is gone within the hour. There is no lingering strong cologne scent. I pretty much think its lime scent is for the pleasure of applying it, then it disappears, I like that cause it dont interfere with whatever cologne i choose to wear.

Efficacy: Its just as efficient as other splash-ons, I am considering trying an atomizer to cut down on waste though

Moisturizing: I only rated it an 8 because its an alcohol splash-on....if you are looking for super moisturizing, you should use a balm. Myself, I absolutely despise the heavy feeling the balms leave on my face.

No alcohol Burn: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Its alcohol based! BURN BABY BURN! Rated 0 because of that. If you dont like burn then you should also use a balm.

All in all I love this product. Mainly for the scent and how it doesnt linger. But even more so the price and value. I will definitely be buying more of this product in the future.

Note: Photo courtesy of www.shavingessentials.net

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This definitely gives a little sting. I like the old school nature of this. The lime smell is a little kool-aid like to me though. No harm no foul for me though. I like the june and clover best.
I have to admit I am really enjoying this A/S! Some people say the scent is to artificial or popsicle smelling, and in a way it is but thats what a like about it. I am a younger guy and im not particularly looking for a musky lime citrus scent like many other lime products tend to be. I think its a nice scent, but I would like if it hung around a little longer as I only can smell it for about 10-15 minutes after. I somewhat agree with the above review in that a little menthol never hurt anyone and considering it is "iced lime" it only seems logical. The price is great and you get a lot of product so that is a 10. Quality is good, but of course you get what you pay for most of the time and this is no different, however this is a well made splash IMO. As far as mousturizing and soothing razor burn its not bad but considering its an alcohol based splash go with a balm if your looking for extra mousturizing. The alcohol burn is minimal but if you have a rough shave you will definitly be reminded of its alcohol content.

Overall a nice product for a good price with a refreshing and wonderful scent.
try it out!
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