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Lathers well with a boar brush even in the hardest water. Lubricity was good although not as slippery as the soaps that I am accustomed to (Colonel Conk, VDH) . The trick with this cream is to not use too much, as the lubricity is reduced if insufficient water is mixed in. The cream itself is pearlescent, reminiscent of Palmolive or Colgate cream in a tube. The scent I could do without, as it does linger for the rest of the day. I will however, carry it in my travels due to it's efficacy...
I tried using the Neutrogena Clear facial bars for an experiment. I found that It lathered well, dissolved and melted easily and can be used as a Glycerin based shaving soap very effectively. The Van Der Hagen shaving soap I compared it against is as good at lathering, but is 4 cents cheaper per ounce. I guess the Neutrogena facial bar can serve in a pinch, or if you want to add your own scent.
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