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Price: 9 I only got a sample of this soap, but loads so easily I don't see how it won't last a long time. I can easily see my sample lasting a week of shaves. I bet a full puck will last many months. Quality: 8-9 It was very slick and didn't leave my face feeling dry. I only marked it down a bit because I didn't feel really moisturized like I do after MWF, but this was close. This is probably the best glycerin soap I've tried. Scent: 10 I used the Frankincense today and it's simply...
I face lather and have found that my DB brush scuttle is just not big enough for even my Simpsons Colonel when it's loaded with lather. I was looking at a few options and ran across this. I got it today and it's exactly what I wanted. My Duke 2 in best fits in it perfectly and it keeps my lather warm for three passes (I'm sure for longer, but I only do three passes). I didn't do the full scientific test to see how much heat retention it kept at 5 minutes and 10 minutes and on, but I know...
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I blind bought this based on my amazing past dealings with Phil at Bullgoose Shaving. This cream definitely didn't disappoint. It is pure essential oils, which I was afraid would irritate my skin once I smelled how stout the smell was (in the best possible way) but it feels really good on my skin. I used it today and face lathered like I always do and it is simply amazing. It is slick and creamy and provided one of the best shaves I've ever had. It smells like rich wood and keeps the...
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