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100% pure essential oil shaving soap

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Price: 9
I only got a sample of this soap, but loads so easily I don't see how it won't last a long time. I can easily see my sample lasting a week of shaves. I bet a full puck will last many months.
Quality: 8-9
It was very slick and didn't leave my face feeling dry. I only marked it down a bit because I didn't feel really moisturized like I do after MWF, but this was close. This is probably the best glycerin soap I've tried.
Scent: 10
I used the Frankincense today and it's simply heavenly. I also have a sample of the orange and patchouli soaps and they both smell fantastic, as well. I bet they're all great.
Lather: 9
This was great. It was really slick and cushioning.
Efficacy: 10
I think this is where this soap really shines. I have been using creams exclusively for quite some time, so it's been a while since I have used a hard soap. I swirled the brush on the soap for about 15 seconds and I had so much lather, it was running down the brush onto my hands. I washed enough lather down the drain for another three pass shave.
Moisturizing: 8-9
This isn't the most moisturizing soap, but it's by far not the least. I might dare to say that it's at the front of the pack. I think it's the greatest glycerin soap I've ever tried, shortly followed by Mama Bear's soap. I'm in love with this stuff. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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