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Eau de Guerlain is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional eau de cologne with some added caraway in the opening. The middle is somewhat confusing with a menthol-carnation accord, but the base is a superb blend of musk, amber, and moss. This is by far one of the muskiest bases I have experienced. The musk lasts overnight even though the rest of the scent is gone. Big thumbs up!
It is hard to rate a talc in the aftershave format, but I must say I am impressed by the quality of the product. Yardley opened its doors in the early 1700s and is still going strong today. Yardley Talc comes in a traditional tin container The scent is an astringent, floral lavender that is subtle and refined (maybe this is what courtiers used to powder their wigs?) Yardley talc, at $7.99, is a great value.
I have just tried Penhaligon's English Fern aftershave and I must say it is decent. It is exactly what you would expect a 19th Century after shave to be: alcohol and fragrance. Glycerin? menthol? aloe? witch hazel? They haven't been discovered yet! Anyway: Price: really expensive Quality: top shelf like all Penhaligon's products (these were once the toiletries of the English Aristocracy). Razor Burn: no better than Old Spice Cooling: no menthol, no cooling except the evaporation...
Having tried a sample of Subzero I decided to buy the full bottle. Price: with shipping it gets to around $20, which is expensive, but you could do worse Quality: top-notch and handmade Cooling sensation: this has the most menthol of any stock aftershave I have ever used (i.e. I didn't add menthol). And there is an option of double menthol!:eek: Scent: light mint scent, which is short-lived, which is what I like Efficacy: freezes your face and leaves smooth Moisturizing...
Clear Skies is a blend of glycerin soap, peppermint, lavender, and rosemary essential oils. It is a goof value and comes in a convenient container. The scent is similar to many of the other soaps containing any of these essential oils.
I just received a 14 oz tub today. Price: pretty cheap considering the volume Quality: Not the best, but it is good Soothes well enough Not horribly moisturizing Has some alcohol burn
Just received some Brylcreem Power Hold Gel. It provides a rock hard hold all day without dryness or flaking and is a lot better than other hair gels. It is a tad bit heavier than my go to hair gel, Pinaud Clubman gel. The scent is similar to Axe but only last a few minutes. Power Hold can be hard to find in stores, but you can get it online for around $5 including shipping from some sources.
I love Mama Bear's soaps. They are affordable and consistently high quality, which is a lot to ask these days. Mama Bear's service and ship is excellent and quick. Chypre Rose is her take on Coty's original Chypre cologne released at the turn of the 20th Century. The scent is by far one of my favorite yet. This rosey, powdery, spicy scent reminds me more of my conception on the Victorian age than Victorian Violets. Highly recommended!
Just picked some up at Long's for around $3. I like this product because it has good hold and is not very greasy. It is not as shiny as Groom and Clean, but does not smell as strongly and has better hold. I recommend it!
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I just picked up some Groom and Clean from my local Rite Aid and tried it out today. Price: for a small tube it is around $6, which is a tad high compared to other products. Quality: standby since the 50s. Scent: really strong and lasts too long Efficacy: has moderate holding power and is minimally greasy compared to pomades and brilliantine. Try it out and see if it is for you.
This was once called Attar of Roses. Attar means essence in Latin, but now it is just called Roses. Price: not bad, but with shipping it can get expensive Quality: high quality, but doesn't stand up to English products like Taylors and Trumpers Scent: I like roses and this is a clean, single rose note that is subtle and reserved. Lather: decent, but could be better Efficacy: provides a good shave Moisturizing: ok, but could be better All in all, Mama Bear's soaps are a...
1.80 star(s) 5 ratings
Price: a little pricey at around $80 a bottle Quality: high quality ingredients and feel. Offers a true feeling of sophistication Scent: Exquisite! Opens with a bravado of bergamot, neroli, and other citrus. The has a brief heart that is a tad musty and unattractive, but dies down to a wonderful leather, amber, spiced vanilla musk. Staying power: Since this is in the vein of a traditional cologne, it is not long lasting.
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Slivovitz is really strong, has poor flavor, and burns like hell. It is distilled from plums in Serbia or Hungary and is around 100 proof.
Very smooth affordable Scotch (though price has increased).
Excellent Value on a fairly nice, well-rounded Scotch. Faint smoke, faint woods, strong peat, great roundness. Sometimes 1.75 liter is around $20
One of the best values on an award winning Zinfandel. ($4-6 usually). This blows away most French and Italian red under $20. Notes of vanilla, oak, blueberry, and possibly fig.
Tito's is made in small batches in a copper still and distilled six. It is nearly flavorless and tasteless, costs $14.99 at bevmo, and it twice as good as Grey Goose.
I just picked this up from Walmart for around five dollars. It is a new revival of the original fresh scent by Shulton from the 80s. It has the character of Old Spice original with a touch of modernity. Notes to my nose are rose, carnation, orange, leather, musk, castoreum, patchouli, oak moss. So sort of a smokey, animalic floral.
Strong office/business scent. Notes of pine (and lots of it) rose, musk, and woods.
Dunhill edition is described as a classy scent for a refined gentleman. And it certainly is. Notes of lemon, clove, musk, amber, and woods.
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