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After Shave Soothing Cream

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(180g) A soothing After Shave Cream with essential oils of Vetiver, Wintergreen, Juniper & Sweet Orange. This wonderfully light cream is particularly good for anyone who suffers from dry skin or razorburn after shaving- just dry the skin first, then massage cream in

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Pros: Scent, Packaging, Performance
Cons: Price, Availability
disclaimer: I received in my container in a Christmas Contest --- I've been able to put it use a few times in rotation with my other ASB's and it's been fantastic. I compare it to the very nice RazoRock waxes in terms of consistency, amount used and performance. The scent is very subtle and compliments most any of the soaps/creams I use. I've never had to say to myself "I can't use this ASB with this soap/cream". In fact, I'd like to see the scent a little stronger as it is quite pleasant --- The packaging is great. Nice glass container, plastic screw top lid --- I have very sensitive skin and have yet to feel any irritation from it. In fact, when I have a bad shave (every now and then), this is the ASB I reach for (along with RR Wax & Skin Food) to sooth my sore face. --- A little goes a long way, at least for me (YMMV obviously), but I for one am looking forward to other ASB's from The Handmade Soap Co and hope to see them available from other vendors to save on shipping costs etc. I'd also like to see a lower cost version in a plastic jar with plastic lid. --- I gave a 5 for price, based on the price if I had to order it direct, it's not cheap, but it's good. I gave a 5 for cooling, as it's quite neutral (which I like). I have a 10 for No Alcohol Burn, as I have yet to have any irritation from using it. --- Using my #'s, it comes out to 7.5 rating, so I went with 8 for an OVERALL #. $25 was entered as amount paid, as this is what it currently costs.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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