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5/8 Dovo Genuine Mother of Pearl (Stainless Steel Blade)

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Without question - hands down - my favorite straight razor. Yeah - you'll hear fellas preaching "choppers" - big honkin 1 inch SOB's you can barely move around your face, Thiers Issards - pain to sharpen and stain immediatly - etc etc.... but seldom do you hear just how great a stainless steel razor is.

Stainless steel is much harder than carbon steel - thus it is more difficult to sharpen - HOWEVER, once properly honed it will stay sharper much longer. It is my experience however, that a stainless steel Dovo is easier to sharpen than a Carbon Steel TI. Not only do Dovo Stainless Steel razors stay sharper longer - they also cut smoother in my opinion, as their added rigidity enables them cut with less smarting and resistance.

Overall - this is an OUTSTANDING razor that comes in a gorgeous display case, and is built to last. With no annoying gold spine (gold spines wear off when the razor is honed/stropped over time) and a stainless blade - with a touch of care - this razor could be shaving your great grandkids.

Although Dovo has since had quite a big price hike (they are now $190 and I paid $110 for mine new) since I bought mine, I still feel this razor offers great value.... as NO picture can/will do this razor justice. The hand polished mother of pearl scales are unparalleled in beauty, and the razor shaves like a dream. $190 is big bucks.... but this very well could be your first and LAST straight razor.

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Without a doubt this is a beautiful specimen, and a true joy to behold. However, I bought one and had to return it because the scales had chips out of them. A replacement was shipped immediately, much to the seller’s credit, but to my disappointment the scales were marred by cracks radiating out from the pins. Again it had to be returned. IMO I either got 2 lemons, or Mother of Pearl isn't the best material to craft a made-for-use tool out of. Unless you just want it for a display case and don’t mind possible imperfections.

To its credit the blade was above reproach. I have since bought a Dovo 5/8 with stainless steel scales and could not be happier.
krisbarger;1174286 said:
Ok. Why can't someone make one?
My guess is it would be to expensive and difficult to make to turn a profit. Plus the materials would be difficult to find just as Jester said. :tongue:
I'd love to see a straight razor in M-2 said:
Ok. Why can't someone make one?

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