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11737C "Bombito"

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This is a fairly small boar brush by Spanish maker Vie-Long. It has a dark red injection-molded handle with dyed Boar bristles. Approximate dimensions (from BullGoose website): Knot: 22mm, Loft: 57mm, Height: 104mm.

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Pros: Low price, comfortable handle, good performer for size.
Cons: May be too small for some, very scritchy until broken in.
When I opened the package and took this brush out, my first thought was “Yorkie”. When I soaked it for use the next morning, I thought “wet Yorkie”.Yes, this is a small brush with a moderately dense loft. It looks bigger in photos, and doesn’t make much of a first impression. Apply the wet brush to shaving preparation, however, and the first impression fades quickly.I’ve used this brush on hard soap, croap and cream, and it whips up a lather very nicely. I bought it specifically for face lathering, and I find it excellent for that.The handle, while only injection-molded plastic, feels good in the hand, and the translucent dark red color gives it a higher-quality look and feel.The bristles are dyed, and the first few times I used it I got some dye washout, but it is no longer an issue. I will say the bristles are much more scritchy than my Omega, and are taking longer to break in that I expected.All in all, though, I am quite happy with this brush, and it speaks well of Vie-Long that they’d put the effort into making a low-end brush so easy to use, and perform so well.
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