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Double-Edged Safety Razors Ranked by Weight

Ranking by weight in grams

These are single measurements taken from standalone entries in the B&B Shavewiki. They are approximations of a razor's standard weight, and do not account for variations in plating, normal wear and tear, and other specific factors that can change the characteristics of individual razors.

If you are interested in editing current listings or adding razors not listed below, the easiest way to measure weight is with a small digital scale, much like you'd find in a jewelry store, pawnshop, or a smoke shop. Do not hesitate to improve our knowledge base!

Table by Weight

List order: Lightest razors, to heaviest razors. Click on any column to re-sort the table.

Razors ranked by weight
Weight (g)RazorNotes
7.7Gillette Custom Plus Pivot Disposable
15.9Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant16.4g loaded with DE blade
17.9Gillette Mach 3 Disposable With Blue Handle
19.8Gillette Slalom (Atra) Handle21.4-g With Cartridge
28.5Gillette Sensor Excel Handle29.7-g With Cartridge
30.3Derby Samurai 2 Handle31.6-g With Cartridge
33GEM White Plastic Handle
44.5Lord L6
46Black Handled Gillette Super Speed
46Blue Tip Gillette Super Speed
46GEM Contour
46GEM Push Button
47Merkur 933
47Merkur 985
48.2Merkur 15
50Ever-Ready 1914 ("Little Lather Catcher")
51Merkur 23
51Merkur 25
51.3Merkur 33Classic
52GEM Damaskeene
52Star Lather Catcher
52.8Feather Portable
53Gillette Senator
5449s Style Gillette Super Speed
54NEW Common Bar
54Gillette Ranger Tech
54Gillette Sheraton
54Gillette Milord
54GEM 1912 (depending on handle)
57.9Gillette Super Adjustable With Black Plastic Under Head
58Flare Tip Gillette Super Speed
58Gillette British NEW No. 77
58.5Lux 3-Piece
59Gillette British NEW No. 88
59.5Tech Heavy
60Edwin Jagger ChatsworthPolyester Finish
60Late 50s Gillette British Rocket
60Parker 96T
60Tech Ball End
62Muhle R89
62GEM G-Bar
64Weishi DE Razor
64GEM Micromatic Clog-Pruf
64GEM Micromatic Open Comb
64GEM 1924
65Red Tip Gillette Super Speed
65Gillette PresidentSmooth band version
66Gillette PresidentCompletely knurled version
661930s Gillette Aristocrat
671948-1950 Gillette Aristocrat
68.9Gillette Super Adjustable With All Metal Head
69Gillette Super Slim Adjustable
70Muhle R51
70GEM Bullet-Tip
71#58UK Aristocrat Jr.
7140s Style Gillette British Rocket
711940s Gillette Aristocrat
71HD Gillette Rocket
71Gillette Slim Adjustable
73Gillette British NEW No. 81
73.1Fatip PiccoloNew model with 19mm cap
74#15Average of listed weights (72g-76g)
74New Improved Bostonian
76Merkur 11
76Merkur 37Slant
77Merkur 34Heavy Duty "HD"
781960s Gillette ExecutiveGold Fat Boy Adjustable
78Gillette Fat Boy Adjustable
79Gillette Big Fellow
84Ever-Ready Streamline
85Bottom Dial
85Gillette Big Boy
88Merkur Progress
88ToggleGold Finish
90Feather Stainless
91Parker 99R
94Edwin Jagger Bulbous Razor
94Edwin Jagger ChatsworthMetal Finish
94Edwin Jagger Georgian
100Sabi T2
115Merkur 12
115Merkur 38Barber Pole
115Merkur 39Barber Pole Slant
124Merkur Vision
125Merkur Futurwind up handle
164Stahly Live Blade Razor

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