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Double-Edged Safety Razors Ranked by Head Weight

Like Double-Edged Safety Razors Ranked by Weight this resource lists the weights of DE razors. Here we list only short-thread three-piece razors, which may be useful to anyone looking to combine a particular head and handle.

Because manufacturing tolerances and scale calibration, actual weights may vary by about 1-g in either direction.

Table by Head Weight

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Razors ranked by head weight
Head Weight (g)RazorNotes
8.1Merkur 45Plastic construction
18ProbakZinc? with gold plating.
18.4ProbakZinc? with chrome? plating.
20.5Gillette Tech P-2Stamped brass.
21Gillette Old Type BrownieNickel, post-1921.
21Gillette Old Type Pocket EditionSilver, 1909.
24Merkur 25cCast zamak.
25Gillette Tech Triangle SlotStamped brass
26Gillette TechNon-triangular, NDC, gold plating.
27Gillette NEW long-comb UKNo patent info.
27Mühle R41Median value: 4 different heads were 26, 26.7, 27 and 29 grams.
28iKon OSS
29Fatip Piccolo
29Feather AS-D1
29New York Shaving Mariner
29Parker 3 piece (45/48/91R)
29.2StahlyRegistered US Patent Office.
29.4Mühle R89Post-2009 safety bar design. Mean value of 29, 29.8.
29.5Mühle R99 Fa tipSame as Fatip Piccolo?
29.9Gillette long-comb NEW CanadaPatents pending.
29Merkur 23c
30Edwin Jagger DE89Equivalent to Mühle R89.
32Gillette NEW long-comb
32Parker R-Series 65/71/91/94/98
32Weber DLC
32Gillette New Improved TuckawaySilver-plated brass, 1927.
32.1Gillette NEW short-combPatents listed, ca. 1935. Nickel-replated brass.
34.7Gillette Tuckaway-style NEW DeluxeGold-plated brass, ca. 1930. 17-mm under plate. Two examples on the same scale were both 34.7-g.
35.7Gillette red-black NEW DeluxeGold-plated brass, ca. 1935. 15-mm under plate. Mean of 35.6, 35.8 for two examples.
37Gillette NEW DeLuxe Red-BlackGold-plated brass, ca. 1935. 17-mm under plate.
49Tradere OC
63iKon S3S

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