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Gem 1912

Gem 1912

Manufacturer: American Safety Razor Company, Brooklyn, NY

Dates in Production:

Type: Hoe type

Description: Metal head with metal or plastic handle

Notes of Interest: The GEM 1912 was an early single-edge razor design offered by The American Safety Razor Company under its GEM brand, and was available from, presumably, 1912 until the 1940's, when it was replaced as GEM's premier razor by the Micromatic series of razors. The 1912-type razor was a two piece razor, with a handle that screwed directly into bottom of the head. The head flipped up via a notch on the back of the head, allowing the user to insert or remove blades. GEM's premier razor for many years, the 1912's often came in ornate boxes with felt and satin interiors and silver-colored blade cases.

Variants included versions with ornate handles, as well as the GEM Junior, a hulking little razor with a gold-plated 1912 head and a thick black plastic handle.

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