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Double-Edged Safety Razors Ranked by Blade Gap

Ranking by blade gap size

The following, based on a measurement of blade gap and razor weight, will hopefully agree with most of the impressions of the shaving community. This list was compiled by multiple people; inaccuracies are bound to result, and therefore multiple listings for the same razor are possible and even desirable. If there is only one measurement of a given razor gap, it assumes very strict manufacturing tolerances and that the razor measured has not ever been dropped, etc. which we know to not be the case.

The easiest way to measure the blade gap is with a feeler gauge. How to do it is described here.

Table of blade gaps

  • note, additional tables can be found on the discussion page for this article.

Blade gap, in 1/1000's of an inch [ +/- .001 inch ]

List order: Smallest gap size (mildest) to larger (more aggressive)

Clarification: blade gap, angle, weight, and blade exposure collectively influence the aggressiveness of a razor. Each individual factors may contribute relatively more or less for each person based on an his/her skin, hair, prep, choice of blades, or technique. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV), and this chart should not be used as a general ranking of aggressiveness, mildness, or efficiency of the various razors. This page is only a (likely imperfect) listing/ranking of blade gaps.

If instead you are looking for a list of razors ranked by aggressiveness, please refer to our evolving project here:

Blade gaps, ranked by gap size
thousandths of an inchmillimetersRazorweight, grams
5.5.14mmFatip Piccolo (Mk 2) (URL)73.64 (URL)
8.20mmRockwell 6S @ R1113
10.25mmAbove the Tie (ATT) with M-1 base plateKronos/Titan ~ 109g ... Atlas ~ 98g
14.35mmRockwell 6S @ R2113
15.38mmMerkur Progress 570 @ 1
17.43mmGillette Adj Black handle @ 1Long Handle, 67
19.48mmGEM 1912
Rockwell 6S @ R3113
.49mmPhoenix Artisan Accoutrements (PAA) Double Open Comb (DOC) Satin (URL)55.79 (URL)
20.51mmMing Sui
21.53mmGem Micromatic
Gillette New Improved Tuckaway
Schick Krona
22.56mmGillette Adjustable @ 1
Gillette New Norfolk
Gillette TECHFat Handle, 48
Merkur Classic
Merkur Progress 570 @ 2
23.58mmAbove the Tie (ATT) with R-1 base plateKronos/Titan ~ 109g ... Atlas ~ 98g
Gillette NEWBall-end, 54; square end, 51
Gillette Super Speed 1954 - 1968 (Regular)58
Gillette Super Speed 195658
Gillette Super Speed (Blue Tip)45
.59mmGillette Tech, April–June 1957 (C-2) (URL)58.90 (URL)
24.61mmGem G-Bar
Gillette Adjustable @ 2
Feather Popular
Rockwell 6S @ R4113
Weber 3 Piece Stainless w/ DLC Head91
25.64mmGillette Aristocrat (US)late 1940s, 69
Gillette Knack43
Gillette Ranger Tech
Gillette Super Speed (black handle)46
Gillette Super Speed (late 1940s)54
Merkur HD Long Handle (38C)
Wilkinson Croma
Schick Injector Type L
Merkur 23C
26.66mmBic Disposable (orange handle)
Gillette Adjustable @ 3
Gillette Aristocrat (UK)
27.67mmGillette FH Tech Canada 1932 (Triangular)48
.68mmBevel (URL)88.65 (URL)
.69mmRockwell 6S @ R5113
28.70mmGillette Rocket HD (UK)72
.71mmEdwin Jagger (EJ) Kelvin with DE89 Head (URL)59.16 (URL)
Merkur HD (34C)78
Merkur Progress 570 @ 3
29.73mmGillette SS Red Tip (USA)70
.74mmFeather AS-D2
.74mmGillette Adjustable @ 4
30.76mmMühle R89 / Edwin Jagger DE89L73
.77mmDorco PL602 (URL)12.03 (URL)
31.79mmFeather Portable
Rockwell 6S @ R6113
32.81mmGillette Adjustable @ 5
Bic Metal
Gillette Super Speed Red Tip (UK)
32.82mmWeber PH/Bulldog stainless steel (see Note)91
33.84mmMerkur Progress 570 @ 4
35.89mmGillette Adjustable @ 6
36.91mmAbove the Tie (ATT) with H-1 base plateKronos/Titan = 109g ... Atlas = 98g
37.94mmMerkur Progress 570 @ 5
38.97mmGillette Adjustable @ 7
401.02mmExecutive Shaving Braveheart
411.04mmGillette Adjustable @ 8
Gillette Adjustable (black handle) @ 9
431.09mmLord L644.5
441.12mmMerkur Futur @ 1120
451.14mmGillette Adjustable @ 9
471.19mmMerkur Futur @ 2120
531.35mmMerkur Futur @ 3120
581.47mmMerkur Futur @ 4120
631.60mmMerkur Futur @ 5120
651.65mmMerkur Futur @ 6120
691.75mmMerkur Futur @ 6 .5120
?Butterscotch Schick Injector31
?Stahly Live-Blade164
?Gillette Super Speed 195356
?Gillette Super Speed 195242
?Gillette Super Speed 195955

Note: Gillette Adjustables
- Slim and Fat Boy range from .022 @ 1 to .045 @ 9; Fat Boy (195) weighs 79 gm, Slim Adjustable weighs 70
- the Black handle Adjustable ranges from .017 @ 1 to .041 @ 9 or 1 setting smaller than the Slim or Fat Boy
- Merkur Slant has a slightly variable blade gap, and is difficult to measure; it weighs 76 gm.

Note: Weber PH
- This gap was reported by 2 members independently from the June 2014 Weber production

Note: Rockwell 6S
- Rockwell 6S numbers have been taken from the Rockwell Razors site:

Subjective differences in ranking were limited to +/- .001 measurements (in inches)
so differences of .001 - .003 (.025 - .076mm) can be considered functional equivalent.

Some of the contributing measurements, as well as instructions for taking blade gap measurements can be seen at this page's source thread.

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