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Modern Double-Edged Safety Razors Ranked by Aggressiveness

Building upon over 1,100 responses from over 60 surveys, plus summarizing compiled research and advice ... Badger & Blade shares its double edge (DE) razor experience in this new, concise (and yet thorough) resource.

This list is not an endorsement of any kind to any of the products listed here. The list is based on surveyed membership opinions with no precise scientific measurements to build it. Please keep this in mind while reading it.

Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) ... and likely will vary from the averaged-out opinions on this list. Generally these rankings are probably only accurate within plus or minus 2 points

NOTE: none of the polls currently have sample sizes large enough to be considered statistically valid
NOTE: rankings colored in gray had significantly fewer votes, and are thus even less precise

DE Razor Aggressiveness Rankings for Currently-Manufactured Double Edge (Safety) Razors

Extremely Aggressive (9.5 to 10.0)Head materials/constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
10.0Muhle R41 (2011) (out of production, but included as the most-aggressive reference point)chrome over (cast?) zinc alloyna3 pieceGermany
9.5Muhle R41 (2013)

chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$2 or 3 pieceGermany
Very Aggressive (8.5 to 9.0)Head constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
8.5Above the Tie (ATT) H2 open comb

machined 303 stainless steel$$$$3 pieceUSA
Aggressive (7.5 to 8.0)Head constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
8.0Above the Tie (ATT) H1 solid bar

machined 303 stainless steel$$$$3 pieceUSA
7.5Fatip Piccolo/Grande (Mk 1) (Joris models are also believed to have very similar heads)

chrome or nickel (palladium for Joris) over pressed(?) brass$ ($$$$)3 piece (nonstandard threads)Italy (Joris made in France?)
Slightly Aggressive (6.5 to 7.0)Head constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
6.5Above the Tie (ATT) R1 solid bar and R2 open comb

machined 303 stainless steel$$$$3 pieceUSA
6.5RazoRock (aka Cadet, Matador, Pearl, etc) open comb models

chrome over cast zinc alloy$3 pieceIndia
Moderate (5.0 to 6.0 ... with 5.5 being the middle point for the scale)Head constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
6.0?Parker solid bar models (ranking is less precise)

chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$3 pieceIndia
6.0?RazoRock SLAB (different than other RR solid bar models) (ranking is less precise)

chrome over cast zinc alloy$$3 piecehead is from India, (note: SS handle is made in USA)
6.0RazoRock TTO models (aka Cadet, Matador, Pearl, etc) (ranking is less precise)

stamped metal$1 piece TTOIndia
5.5Merkur slant models (ex: 37C)

chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$2 pieceGermany
5.0Above the Tie (ATT) M2 open comb

machined 303 stainless steel$$$$3 pieceUSA
5.0Fatip Piccolo/Grande (Mk 2) (URL)nickel or chrome over pressed(?) brass$3 piece (nonstandard threads)Italy
Slightly Mild (4 to 4.5)Head constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
4.5RazoRock (aka Cadet, Matador, Pearl, etc) solid bar models (except SLAB) (ranking is less precise)

chrome over cast zinc alloy$3 pieceIndia
~ 2 to 5"Standard Razor" brand razor (note: variance was surprisingly high in the survey responses)

machined aluminum with anodized coating and stainless steel threads$$$nonstandard 3 pieceChina
4.0Weber Polished Head (out of production)

sintered 17-4 PH stainless steel$$$3 pieceUSA
4.0Above the Tie (ATT) M1 solid bar

machined 303 stainless steel$$$$3 pieceUSA
Mild (3 to 3.5)Head constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
3.0Merkur solid bar models (except adjustables and Bakelite) (ex: 34C)

chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$2 or 3 pieceGermany
3.0Parker open comb models

chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$3 pieceIndia
Very Mild (2 to 2.5)Head constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
2.5Edwin Jagger model 89 razors (Muhle 89 models are believed to have an identical head)

chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$3 pieceUnited Kingdom (and Germany)
~2 to 2.5vintage Gillette Techs (1938- 1979) (note: some years have slight variation)

plated stamped brass (plating varies) ... later years included aluminum and/or Zamakdepends on rarity and condition3 piecevaries
2.0?Parker TTO models (ranking is less precise)

chrome over zinc alloy(?)$$1 piece TTOIndia
2.0Merkur open comb models (ex: 25C)

chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$3 pieceGermany
2.0?RiMei (ranking is less precise)

stamped metal$3 pieceHong Kong
Extremely Mild (1 to 1.5) (insufficient data on entire category)Head constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
1.5?Wilkinson Sword Classic (ranking is less precise)

molded plastic$2 pieceGermany ?
1.5?Goodfella (ranking is less precise)

chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$$3 pieceNew Zealand
1.5Feather Popular

molded plastic and stamped(?) stainless steel and chrome plated brass.$1 piece TTOJapan
1.5Feather AS-D2

chrome over metal injection molded stainless steel$$$$3 pieceJapan
1.0Weishi TTO (aka Micro Touch One, Van Der Hagen, etc)

chrome over stamped(?) brass$1 piece TTOChina
Razors without aggressiveness dataHead constructionPrice indexAssemblyCountry of origin
?vintage Gillette NEWs (1929 to late 1940s)plated stamped brass (plating varies)depends on rarity and condition3 piecetypically USA
?vintage Gillette Super Speeds (1947 to 1988)plated stamped brass (plating varies)depends on rarity and condition1 piece TTOvaries
?Merkur Progress adjustable razor (average min and max)chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$$2 pieceGermany
?Merkur Futur adjustable razor (average min and max)chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$$2 pieceGermany
?Merkur Vision adjustable razor (average min and max)chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$$$$1 piece TTOGermany
3??Merkur Bakelite solid barmolded plastic$2 piece?Germany ?
2.5??Apollo (modern)chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$3 piecePakistan
2.5??Utopiachrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$3 piecePakistan
?SS Pils 101machined stainless steel$$$$$2 piece?Germany
2.0??Lord L6 / L5 (needs more votes)chrome over (cast?) zinc alloy$3 pieceEgypt
2.0??RazoRock Stealth Slant, Baby Smooth (both currently prototypes)machined aluminum with anodized coating --OR-- machined stainless steel$$$ pending re-release3 pieceCanada
5??Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company BBS-1, and Wolfman razorsmachined stainless steel$$$$$ waiting list3 pieceCanada
??Rockwell cast stainless steel$$$3 pieceUS

Buyers guide notes and glossary:

Head construction
Known materials and techniques used in construction of the razor's head (not handle)

Price index
Prices change over time and from place to place, so this index is only meant give a quick, approximate, relative idea of starting prices for a razor with this head and a handle (from the same manufacturer) at competitive retail prices. Currently the categorizations were made according to the following:
$ = starting at under around $25 USD
$$ = starting at under around $50 USD
$$$ = starting at under around $100 USD
$$$$ = starting at under around $200 USD
$$$$$ = starting at over $200 USD

Country of origin
Country where the razor head is manufactured

Links for more information on referenced vintage models:


  • Weber has stopped manufacturing razor heads. They will likely be removed from this list in early 2016.

What is razor "aggressiveness"?

  • PRIMARILY created by Blade Exposure (see link for a photo illustration).
  • Less protection from the blade increases the likelihood of cuts or irritation for novice users
  • More efficient, shaving more stubble in fewer passes
  • Closer shaving, cutting closer to the skin
  • More versatile in cutting angles, allowing cutting from a wider range of blade angles
Note: The exact meaning of aggressiveness is debated, but the polls should have also helped to average out differences in opinions.

Which razor should I buy?
If this is your first DE razor, the most common recommendation would be to start with a razor in the 1.0 to 4.0 range on our scale (or alternately, with an adjustable razor, or with a razor set offering multiple levels of aggression through different baseplates). After a few months, you can determine if you want to try something more or less aggressive.

Use the list as a rough guide, and then do searches on B&B’s site (and web searches in general) for more information. If you have questions just post them to B&B’s Double Edge Razors forum, and we'll be happy to help you sift through the possibilities.

What about razor handles?
Several razor manufacturers offer numerous models of razors that differ only in their handles. To keep this chart short, it lists only razor heads … leaving the handles to personal preferences and as means to fine-tune a razor head’s aggressiveness. If you like a razor head from a 3-piece razor you might try fine tuning it with longer/shorter and heavier/lighter handles. Usually heavier handles are thought to increase aggressiveness, but for some shavers this can be mitigated (or even reversed) if the handle is also longer/thicker and changes their natural grip and technique with the razor.

If you are unsure what kind of handle you prefer, you might opt for a standard 3-piece razor that will allow you to experiment with handles from different razors, or with handles purchased separately. B&B’s Wiki also offers a List of Safety Razor Handles.

Where can I purchase my choice of razor?
Generally, we would like to recommend the following sources for purchasing selected razors and other shaving supplies:

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions (temporarily linking to old version of this wiki page while I move content into separate pages).

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