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Badger And Blade Product Releases

Since the creation of Badger and Blade, the team members have strived to bring a wide range of special items to offer the membership. The two main rules of bringing an item out have always been to bring quality at a great price. Below is a list of all items Badger and Blade has made.

Shave Products

Badger and Blade almost from its beginning has strived to bring its members many great Limited Edition items, as well as Essentials to its members. Limited Edition products would offer an amazing limited release at a great value, while the Essentials would allow everyone who wanted a great product at a great price available for an open period of time. The products have proven to be very successful and popular with the membership, and continue to be offered year after year.


Badger and Blade over the years has released numerous brushes as Limited Editions and Essentials.

2008 B&B Limited Edition Brush

Made by Kent of London.
2008 B&B

As Joel put it in the launch thread: "This is to brushes, what Rolls Royce Phantom is to cars." A custom kent brush with similar knot diameter to the Kent BK4, but utilizing better hair at triple the density. The Brush sold for $140.00 USD, plus shipping, which, due to Kent's low prices, had to be handled directly by Joel and Nick. The order period was closed on August 20, 2008.

2007/2008 First Essential Brush

B&B Essential prototype
In November 2007 the B&B "Essential" brush was announced as a B&B alternative to, and an even better deal than, the Crabtree & Evelyn best badger brush, a brush that's highly recommended as a good brush at a reasonable price. Unlike the 2006 and 2008 limited edition brushes, the Essential was planned to be available indefinitely through the B&B webshop.

2009 B&B Limited Edition Brush

Made By Kent.
Launched again by Joel on August 23 of 2009 he describes it "This brush will surely become a collectable due to its sumptuous curves, limited exclusivity, and its luxurious triple stuffed 22mm silvertip knot with a 45mm loft seated on top of a super comfortable 60mm handle. The handle will be in your choice of butterscotch or ebony color and will bear the same markings as last year - the Kent logo, as well as the Badger & Blade Limited Edition 2009 on the back."
The Brush sold for $135.00 USD, less expensive than the previous year.

2011 B&B Limited Edition Brush

2011 Brush
Made by Rudy Vey. Launched by Bigfoot on March 31, 2011. A butterscotch brush, with a TGN finest knot, the brush sold quickly and was a great success, selling out in less then a week's time. The Launch thread was so popular it actually went on to begin to tease the follow up LE brush for the next year. This was the first brush to be made in partnership with Rudy Vey. The collaboration proved to work so well the B&B team and Rudy continued to work together on follow up brushes in subsequent years. 75 numbered, instead of the originally planned 50 were made.

2012 B&B Limited Edition Brush

2012 Brush
Made by Rudy Vey. The Keyhole Design. In 2012 Bigfoot launched the 2012 B&B LE brush, another collaboration with Brush Maker Rudy Vey in a keyhole design. Like the previous year, the brush was available with a choice of either a TGN finest, or shavemac D01 knot. The brush was made to look like a vintage design in both shape and the choice of the aged Ivory resin handle. The brush was officially sold out on February 15, 2012.
A numbered edition Brush with special engravings on the bottom of the handle to reflect B&B as well as each number in the series, 100 Brushes in total were produced, 50 with each knot type.

2012-Present B&B Essential Brush

2012 Brush
Made by Omega, this time with a boar knot. The Colour launched in blue and has switched to other colours including Smoke, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, and a Special "Remembering Sue" Edition among others. The Remembering Sue Brush had its own special launch, and was sold at an additional cost so proceeds could be added to the B&B Auction Donation Fund.

Batch Number


Initial Release Date








Pink Sue Moore||10/21/2013

Frosted Blue||4/29/2014

Clear with Gold Leaf||6/28/2014

Grey Glitter||7/27/2014

Frosted Seafoam||9/21/2014

Red Glitter||3/25/2015

10th Anniversary, Black and Gold Flake||11/6/2015

Average time between batch releases: 87 days

2014 B&B Limited Edition Brush

2014 LE Brush
Launched on May 14, 2014 by Bigfoot in the Contributor Forum, this years brush was again made by Rudy Vey, this time out of a tortoiseshell resin. 2 knots were available for purchase with the brush a shavemac finest for $135.00 USD, and a D01 Two band for $195.00 USD. 50 total brushes were made for the 2014 LE and sold out quickly. The markings on the bottom of the brush had logs of both B&B with its "Badger Head" as well as Rudy Veys logo, along with the LE number of each brush that was purchased. The brush was popular it sold completely out in about 24 hours time, never making it out of the Contributors Forum Launch, making a new record for a B&B Limited Edition Brush.


The team at Badger and Blade has also worked with great artists to bring some of the most beautiful razors to its members.

2007 B&B Limitied Edition Tim Zowada Straight Razor

2008 B&B
On December 5th of 2007, Joel proudly took to the forums to launch B&B's first custom made razor for its members. A collaboration with Tim Zowada, the razor featured a damascus blade with barbers notch, and a Honduran rosewood burl handle. The razor was limited to 20 units and the demand exceeded available razors. Joel picked those who would receive razors based on post count, viewed at that time during B&B's early years, as a thank you to those who helped build the first days of B&B into the success it became.

2008 B&B Limited Edition Thiers-Issard Le Grelot Straight Razor

2008 B&B
Joel launched the 2008 limited edition razor on January 14th of 2008. This years razor would be made from new old stock Le Grelot carbon blades. A TI Competitor from Thiers France, The company was out of business but their blades were well regarded and still sought after. They were limited to 80 blades and came with a pink ivory Handle, the blade sold for $200.00 dollars and was quickly sold out.

2014 B&B Limited Edition Brian Brown Straight Razor

2008 B&B
Launched by Strop September 01, 2013, This razor was the first LE since 2008. The razor was custom made in Tennessee by Brian Brown, from laminated Japanese white steel. The scales were made from ram's horn, making each blade slightly different from one another. The blades sold for $495.00 USD, and were limited to 25 blades. The launch thread also served to keep track of not only the progress in the making of the blades, but was the place for those receiving their new razors to show them off. The razor was so successful it would give hope to the future of LE razors.

Soaps and Creams

There have been a few special edition Badger and Blade soap offerings over the years.

QEDMan B&B Shaving Soap and Stick

Threads not located, Help needed to find these from the very early days of Badger and Blade
There is limited information about it here

2007 Saint Charles Shave B&B Bay Rum with A Twist Cream

SCS B&B Cream
Made by Sue to match the Bay rum with a Twist EDT, It was a very limited offer to the first 20 members on B&B to purchase the BRWAT EDT. The scent has been described as a bay rum scent with the twist being added lime scent. Joel states in the announcement thread "Basically - I tried Sue's Shea Butter and Avocado Oil shaving cream - was SO incredibly impressed, I immediately contacted her to get us a special offer on this stuff for our forum!".

2011 Mama Bear's B&B Special Edition Soap

2011 Brush
Launched by Joshmpdx on March 29 of 2011. The soap was made by Sue of Mama Bears in a lavender and Oakmoss scent. There was two versions of the soap offered in either mentholated and a regular version. The soap was extremely popular and quickly sold out. The fresh scent gave a spring time experience further heightened by the transparent bright green appearance of the soap itself. The lid of the soap was adorned with a sticker bearing the Badger and Blade name.


Some of the earliest products on Badger and Blade were custom made colognes.

2005 QEDMan B&B Cologne

Announced on August 17, 2005 by Joel, The QED made B&B Cologne was made to pair with the B&B Shave stick made by QED. Joel is quoted as saying," It is without question the best cologne I have ever smelled/worn in my life, hands down, no even remote second.""This stuff is tear jerkingly magical - very stout pure sandalwood oil smell, with a touch of chocolate, neroli, anise, "green" notes, fruit - a true symphany of smell.... this is something you can truly "hear" it is so incredible. The scent is so different, so robust, so classy, descriptions and words fail me."

2006 Saint Charles Shave Bay Rum With A Twist

2006 BRWAT
Launched by Kyle on September 13th 2006, Bay rum with a twist was made for Badger and Blade by Sue. This EDT was the first collaboration between B&B and Sue Moore. Bay rum with a twist was a traditional bay rum scent with a lime twist added to the notes. Noted by many for great staying power on most, the Scent was a popular choice for some, and still shows up from time to time on the BST to much fanfare. This would be the second cologne made by Badger and blade for its members.
A Limited Edition cream was also made for the first 20 members who purchased the cologne.

2006 Mama Bear B&B Aftershave Milk

B&B Summer Aftershave Milk

B&B Aftershave Milk was made available late in 2006 through a collaboration between Joel and Mama Bear. The Summer/Oily Skin version is an alcohol-free, low oil aftershave milk designed to improve upon the popular but reformulated D.R. Harris Aftershave Milk. Although Mama Bear has followed up with other aftershave versions, no other has carried the B&B name.

Shave Sets

Badger and Blade has made a few full shave sets as well.

2006 B&B Shave Set

2006 B&B Horn in Finest

In late 2006, B&B announced in collaboration with Edwin Jagger they would be releasing a limited edition brush and razor set. The brush featured the purchaser's choice of standard silvertip, or a previously unreleased grade of "Finest Silvertip" badger hair. Handles were available in either faux horn or ebony. Each brush featured a chrome base bearing the circular inscription "Badger and Blade Limited Edition 2006". Gold-based brushes were also produced for some members of the B&B staff. Edwin Jagger also offered matching versions of their "Georgian" razor in either handle style bearing the Badger and Blade inscription.

2012 Christmas Horn Set

2012 B&B Horn Set
Launched October 23, 2012 by Brianw, this set was made in horn and included a lather bowl, Brush, and Razor handle that would fit many popular new and vintage SE and DE heads. The bowl was sourced to complete the razor handle and brush set made by Rudy Vey. The brush was available with either a UK Boar, Shavemac D01-2 band, or TGN 2-band Finest knot. The sets sold for either $143, $218, or $153 depending on knot selection. This was offered as a Christmas release with only 10 sets available, and was only the second time a full shave set has been available as a Badger and Blade release.


Releases of a few accessories have been made over the years with the Badger and Blade name.

2011 B&B WCS Leather razor Case

Launched November 30, 2011 by Joel originally with a $3 off coupon code, the case was sold directly through the Westcoastshaving.com website. The leather case was two toned adorned with the Badger and Blade logo. The inside snap button was protected with a layer of leather to make for a safe and protective double edge safety razor case. The case is still available for purchase through the WCS website.

West Coast Shaving B&B Shaving Mug

2014 Shaving Mug
Launched by The Count Of Merkur Cristo on August 05, 2014, The WCS B&B Mug was a hand thrown shaving mug offered to B&B's members through the westcoastshaving.com website. The mug was designed to replicate a vintage Old Spice shaving mug and adorned with the Badger and Blade "B&B BadgerHead" logo. This was a Limited Edition release that sold out quickly, it was made with a rustic regal blue glaze. Having a wide shape made the mug more suited over a regular drinking mug to the service of lather building.

2005 B&B Instructional DVD

2005 B&B DVD
Launch by Nick December 05, 2005, the disc was sold to members all over the world, as far away as The Netherlands and Japan. The disc featured different instructional videos done by Joel and was well received by many new members who could learn new techniques. Both safety razor and straight razor techniques as well as other helpful hints to enjoy your shave were shown on the disc, The disc helped a few members make their first successful straight shave possible.

Non-Shave Products

With the growth of B&B so did grow the interests of its members. Badger and Blade has made special items for the Nib, Haberdashery, Mess Hall, Speakeasy as well as The Brown Leaf. These items you can find below.

The Nib

Since its inception the Nib quickly began to launch great B&B Products for its members. Great value at all price points and very popular with the membership.

2011 Noodlers B&B 5 O'Clock Shadow Ink

5OS Bottle Image
Launched on July 13, 2011 by Jim under the "Think Ink For Pink" header, 5 O'Clock Shadow is the first B&B product the nib released for its members. For every bottle sold a portion of the proceeds were donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for our continued support of looking for a cure in our lifetime. the ink proved so popular that once sold out demand drove the mods to conduct a poll to see if a second batch would be needed, after a resounding yes vote a second batch of ink was made available. Sales of the ink were done through Westcoastshaving.com, who also offered a special price on a Platinum Plaisir pen for the launch to help those members who may be getting into pens for the first time.

2011 Edison B&B LE Glenmont

2011 LE Edison
Launched on August 02, 2011 by Jim, The Edison Pen Company made the first Limited Edition pen for B&B based on its Glenmont pen design. the pen featured a green swirl Ebonite body and was offered with a #6 steel plated in gold or rhodium nib in fine, medium, or broad tip sizes. The body of the pen was gold engraved "Badger and Blade, 2011 LE" and Numbered to the production "X of XX". It was priced at $185.00 USD which included domestic USA shipping, and sold internationally for the same price minus Shipping. The first pen sold a total of 64 units to its members and was a huge success exceeding all expectations.

2011 Noodlers B&B Benevolent Badger Blue

2011 BBB Ink
Launched December 08, 2011 by Brianw, This was the second B&B ink made by Noodlers. After the success of 5 O'Clock Shadow the members wanted a new colour ink to add to their collection and the B&B Team quickly responded with Benevolent Badger Blue. The ink follwed 5OS with the "Think Ink For Pink" Bannar having a portion of its proceeds donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation on behalf of the memory of Sue Moore. The label of the ink was Designed and drawn by the 14 year old daughter of Ouch (Who may or may not really exist). This ink was a bullet proof, permanent set water resistant ink that proved very popular with members and has since sold completely out. A teaser thread was posted by Brianw just before launch offering members a chance to guess the name of the ink through a game similar to hangman, a member had to Donate to the Susan G. Komen page in order to pick a letter. The ink was sold through the westcoastshaving.com website.

2012 Edison B&B LE Pen

2012 LE Edison
Launched by Nemo on April 08, 2012 The second B&B Limited Edition pen was again made by Edison Pen Company, this time on its Herald Grande pen design. Ebonite was used as the pens material once again this time with a black and blue swirl colour option. a polished steel nib in #6 size with options this year increased to XF, F, M, or Broad. The pen sold for $175.00 USD with shipping included for US addressed and an additional cost for international buyers. 63 pens in total were sold for this years pen.

2012 Franklin Christoph B&B Essential Pen 1

2012 FC Essential
On November 08, 2012, Dave258 Launched the first B&B Essential pen. The pen was made by Franklin Christoph on the model 27 pen design in a black body colour. The pen was offered in several different options including a Fountain pen, a traditional rollerball, as well as a hybrid rollerball system to allow fountain pen ink to be used with the rollerball. The Fountain pen was offered in many different tip sizes as well as having an option for a custom ground nib by Michael Masuyama at no extra charge. Added to the four diamond laser etching on the clip, this pen also had the Badger and Blade "Badger Head" engraved upon its jewel and the words Badger and Blade engraved around the bottom cap ring. The fountain pen was offered for $69.50, traditional rollerball was $59.50, CRS rollerball $59.50, and the and either rollerball option could be purchased for $20.00 each as an addition to the Fountain pen option for a complete set, all prices included global shipping to all our members.

2013 Franklin Christoph Essential II

2013 FC Essential II
Launched on February 26, 2013 by Brianw again by Franklin Christoph on the model 27 design, the pen differed from the first by offering it in a Badger Blue body colour. The first Essential pen proved to be so popular the different body colour was offered to allow collectors something new to pick up. The Essential pen was offered with the same rollerball and nib selections as well as the same prices as the first essential, including the Michael Masuyama custom ground nib options. This pen also proved quite popular and has since sold out. As with the first pen, it came with a Lifetime Warranty.

2013 Franklin Christoph Essential Notebook

2013 FC Essential NB
Launched by the handsome syngent on August 06, 2013, the Essential Notebook was made by Franklin Christoph. The leather wrap sleeve and refill notebooks had Franklin Christoph's unique corner cut design elements with a subtle "badger head" logo in the bottom right corner of the leather. The notebook was offered in both A5 and A6 sizes and sold through the westcoastshaving.com website. The A5 sold for $62.00, and the A6 for $42.00, refills could be purchased seperately for A5 $14.50, and A6 $11.50. The paper of these notebooks were also unique as with was made with an eco friendly sugar cane base, while still being a great performer for fountain pens.

The Brown Leaf

The Team behind The Brown Leaf has worked hard to bring some great items to those who love to sit and take a moment with a pipe, Below is a list of the great items released thus far:

2012 Tinsky B&B LE Pipe

2012 Tinsky B&B LE
Launched February 07, 2012 by JWhite, the Mark Tinsky made B&B LE Pipe was the first limited edition item for the newly made Brown Leaf sub forum. The pipes were all handmade, and were unique to Badger and Blade as they were a variation of Marks bulldog pipes, that were not otherwise offered on his website. The Pipe is 5 7/8" long, has a chamber just over 3/4" wide and 1 1/4" deep, and sold for $186.00 USD plus shipping. 25 Pipes were sold in total.

2013 Tinsky B&B LE Pipe

2013 B&B LE
Launched May 04, 2013 by Argonaut, The 2013 B&B LE pipe was again made by Mark Tinsky. This years LE was a Cherrywood shape with a coral carved finish, which like the previous year was an original shape made for B&B and not offered on his website. Offered in addition to the pipe was a custom made pipe tamper to go with it, a first for maker Mark Tinsky, who liked the idea so much he began to offer it as a regular item on his website. The pipe sold for $199.00 USD plus shipping and sold 31 pipe and tamper sets.

2014 Zippo B&B Essential Lighter

B&B Zippo
Launched by Rockminer on June 16, 2014 this would be the first lighter made exclusively for Badger and Blade. The zippo was a 1935 replica model with the "Badger Head" logo laser etched into the front face, the laser etch was chosen over regular scratch engraving as it is deeper and more durable. The lighter sold for $38.00 USD for US Customers, and $48.00 for International customers as shipping was included in the price. $5.00 USD from the sale of each lighter was donated to the Sue Moore Donation page for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

2014 Tinsky B&B LE Pipe

2014 B&B LE
Launched August 02, 2014 by 73mountaineer, The Mark Tinsky made B&B LE pipe came in a squashed tomato shape in both a smooth and rough blasted finish with an amber stem making it the most involved design for a B&B LE to date, again with some unique features not available on a regular Tinsky offered pipe.. Both stems feature a birch insert, with the smooth pipe wearing a stain combination that Mark has never used before. This years pipe was sold for $185.00 USD for the black and tan, and $225.00 USD for the smooth, plus shipping. This years pipe sold a total of 24 items.

2015 Tinsky B&B LE Pipes

Launched on July 2, 2015 by Senshi, the 2015 LE pipe was made by Mark Tinsky and came in 3 different options of straight billiards. The 1st pipe was a dark stained sandblast billiard with a white acrylic insert to contrast the stain and black acrylic mouthpiece. Mark's blasts are deep and craggy revealing the beautiful underlying grain. The rim of the pipe had been left smooth for an added aesthetic. The pipe sold for $180 USD plus shipping. The 2nd pipe was a smooth billiard in Mark's Bengal finish. The insert material wass a wood so unique, so rare, so sexy, that Mark forgot what it wass! :laugh: It hails from "Asia or Africa, but I can't remember the name :confused1" recalled Mark. Given the popularity of the amber acrylic stem from the 2014 LE Pipe, it was decided to use that same amber acrylic on this beautiful pipe. The pipe sold for $225 USD plus shipping. The 3rd pipe was a smooth morta billiard with a pre-ban ivory insert and black acrylic stem. Mark had been saving the ivory for a special occasion and graciously granted us that honor. The pipe sold for $325 USD plus shipping. A total of 28 2015 B&B LE pipes were sold.

The Haberdashery

Bernhardt B&B LE Watch

2010 Watch
Launched by Joel on March 19, 2010. The B&B limited edition watch was a Swiss ETA 6497 Manual Movement made by Bernhardt. The were numbered edition watches with a grand total of 100 units made. featuring an ostrich pattern strap, badger blue hour and minute hands, with a red hand for the seconds movement, sapphire crystal, and the B&B Logo on the crown, the watched proved to be very popular and quickly sold out. The watch sold for $288.00 USD plus shipping, available worldwide to the first 100 members who were in. The watch sold in the no longer available B&B Store.

The Mess Hall

Knifeboard B&B LE Cutting Board

2012 Cutting Board
Launched June 27, 2012 by Jim, this stunning end grain cutting board was launched to much fanfare. Two boards were made the first with dimensions of 2x12x20 inches using Oak and walnut sold for $145.00 USD plus shipping, and the second with dimensions of 2x11x18 inches in the same pattern and materials as the first, but having attached handles selling for $125.00 plus shipping. The buying period was left open for several months and sold higher then expected. These very high quality boards were made to stand up to the rough life in a kitchen for several generations and should be popping up in pictures on B&B for a long, long time.

the Speakeasy

Glencairn B&B Whisky Glass

2009 B&B Glencairn
On May 05, 2009 Letterk opened a thread to gauge interest from the members in how many glasses they would want, once completed on the vote work began behind the scenes to bring this to fruition. On August 19, 2009 Letterk officially opened the launch thread to the glass and the sales took off. The glass was a Glencairn whisky glass etched with the B&B Badger Head logo, and made of lead free crystal. Officially launched in the no longer available B&B store, sales moved to westcoasshaving.com when the B&B store was closed.

The Cafe

2009 B&B mug
On May 4th 2009 Jim opened a thread to gauge interest in the purchase of a B&B coffee mug and premium coffee group buy. The mugs were made with the B&B logo engraved on the front. After a period, the members voted. The mug began production and was launched. The original sales thread has not been found yet. The mugs are still available at the westcoastshaving.com website, and are available in black and Badger Blue.

The B&B Zazzle Store

Launched August 25 2010 by Brianw, the Badger and Blade Zazze store opened to offer buyers B&B swag. Zazzle works to take products they offer such as t-shirts and coffee mugs and print custom designs on them, the B&B store at Zazzle offered many "Badger" branded items for sale such as mouse pads, coffee mugs and key chains for the members to purchase. The store was closed due to low sales eventually, although it is still accessible and still has as of this date stickers for purchase. Upon launch a design a t-shirt contest was also done to allow members a chance at making their own designs

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