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D.R. Harris

Company Info

D.R. Harris is an English chemist and apothecary founded on St. James Street, London in 1790. It holds two Royal Warrants, including Chemist to HRH The Prince of Wales. Unlike many of their Clubland counter-parts Harris is still unique in continuing to produce and package many of their products by hand in their shop on St. James Street.

Product Info

  • Arlington Range: The flagship brand for the Harris grooming products is a citrus and fern blend named Arlington. Harris makes far more products in the Arlington fragrance than in any other, including deodorant, talc and shower gel. Some products, like Pre-Shave Oil, are only made in the Arlington fragrance.

  • Fragrances: Harris' signature scent is called Arlington, a very popular blend of citrus and fern. A recent addition to the Harris line is Marlborough, a noble union of cedar wood and sandalwood. Within the last year Harris has introduced a further two new fragrances, the spicy citrus and musk Albany, and Mayfair, a classic English floral with jasmine and geranium.

  • Shave Creams: Harris makes shaving cream in their signature Arlington scent and the newer Marlborough. In addition to these "cologne-based" creams they also make an Almond and a Lavender shaving cream. These creams are renowned for their slickness and latherability and come in possibly the sturdiest hard plastic tubs in the industry.

  • Shave Soaps: Perhaps their most popular and respected shaving products Harris makes are their shaving soaps. Available in the same fragrances as the creams these soaps are available in refill form or in a choice of hand-turned lidded bowls, made from either mahogany or beechwood. These soaps also come in a smaller twist-up stick, intended for travel.

  • Aftershaves: Splash-type alcohol after-shaves are available in two sizes, 50 or 100 ml, and in 4 fragrances: the signature Arlington, Marlborough, Bay Rum and Sandalwood. A fifth option, the renowned Pink after-shave is a low-alcohol rose-scented splash intended for sensitive skin. In addition to the splashes there are two after-shave balms or "Milks". One is, of course, the ubiquitous Arlington, the other a non-alcohol milk with a slight rose scent. Both these Milks are available in 100- ml and 150 sizes. Careful shopping can often find the 100 ml size in a much handier pump dispenser bottle.

  • Shave Tools: Harris offers a full range of branded shaving tools and accessories, including razor handles for double edge and cartridge razors and shaving brushes. These are available in the traditional faux-ivory, ebony, and horn. They also offer these products in sets, with stands.

  • Bath and skin care products: A legendary apothecary shop, Harris' oldest and most famous products are not shaving-based at all. Perhaps their most famous is a skin toner and moisturizer known as "Milk of Roses and Cucumbers." Other products include skin tonics, traditional English-style shampoos and conditioners, scrubs, eye gels and even lip balms.


The Mother Ship:

29 St James's Street, London, SW1A 1HB

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7930 3915 and +44 (0) 20 7930 3915

Fax: +44 (0) 20 7925 2691

E-mail: [email protected]

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