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Merkur Company was founded by the Hermes family in 1896, and passed into the ownership of Wolfgang Hannemann around 1980. The company is in its 4th ownership today and belongs to the family company of DOVO. Merkur used to make straight razors in the young 20th century follow by safety razor blades from the thirties of the last century along with a line of safety razors, moustache razors and corn planes. Merkur is particularly known for its range of safety razor classic and even modern designed double edge razor follow the old and traditional way of handling and using. They become known to the outside world in 1980s/1990s, and have increased in popularity since.

The Merkur company was founded by Emil Hermes. He originally wanted to call the company after himself, but there was already a business named Hermes (think expensive lady's handbags and scarves.) Since the name Hermes refers to the Greek Messenger of the Gods, he chose the Roman equivalent, Mercury, to name his company.

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