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zirh cleanse

i use this face cleanser with good results -

anyone ever try to home mix this or any other face cleansers?
I used Zirh Clean for a while but found it to be very drying so I switched to Lucky Tiger face wash, which is organic and contains aloe, cucumber and jojoba. My face feels much better now.
They have two cleansers now, but the original Zirh Clean is very strong. I don't think it's a good idea to be washing with alpha hydroxy acids every single day (worse - twice a day as recommended?) I think most men-marketed cleansers lean towards the harsh side.
I use Zirh at night -- few times a week... (DR Bronner - Tea tree adn peppermint rule--for shower body wash)
my dermatolgist reccomended Epionce and although it is a little on the pricy side it has worked great. Not drying at all...as far as home made actually a little baking soda mixed with water to make a paste used once a week or every few weeks smoothes out the skin quite nicely. Thi is all based for someone that has acne though.
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