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Your Top 5 Aftershaves??

1. PAA John Frum
2. A&E Warrior of the Howling Fjord (how great is that name?)
3. Clubman
4. B&M Le Grand Chypre
5. A tie between a bunch of PAA‘s

All but that number 1 can change from time to time and how I’m feeling.
There really are so many fine aftershaves.

Splashes: TOBS Sandalwood, Ach Brito Lavanda, Musgo Real Classic, Floid Vigoroso, Tabac..

Balms: Tabac, Speick, Stray Whisker
I’ve only got a few
Proraso green, fresh and does the job.
Fine snakebite (would be number one but it’s so crazy).
Brut, leaves a great post shave feel.
Floid Vigoroso, old style scent and does a great job only need a drop.
Speick, lovely and fresh and soothing.
I like a fleeting scent or no scent at all, and all these are very fleeting on me except for the Floid and the brut which last an hour or two.
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