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Your Top 5 Aftershaves??

Let's hear it, your top 5 aftershaves!

I'm looking to build my collection as I feel it's lacking compared to my soap and blade hoard. I never thought too much about aftershaves when I began wet shaving but over time I've started to really look forward to smelling good aswell as feeling good.

I currently have only 6 and my order of best to worst: Floid mentalado vigaroso, proraso green, old spice, Pinaud clubman, Brut and Aqua velva musk. I don't dislike any of them of course. I'm thinking of adding a bay rum since finding out it doesn't smell of actual rum (I gave up booze many years ago for good reasons) and I think I may have a soft spot for traditional barbershop scents so I'm looking forward to those of you who may be similar to myself.
scheduled to change, but at the moment i'll go with these 5:

Stirling Green
PAA Cavendish
Crown Shaving Co Tonic
PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum
Stirling Barbershop
1) Speick !!

2-5) in no particular order...
Barrister Reserve
Fine - Snakebite especially
Captain's Choice - Cat o' Nine Tails
Chiseled Face



My choices depend on the season and my mood on a given AM. Today:
La Toja
Pitralon classic
Fine platinum
Swiss Pitralon

Tomorrow?? Who knows? :a29:

Fine accoutrements lavender pour homme
Barrister & mann reserve waves
Speick active (lavender)
Zingari man recovery splash


Tobs Royal forest
Fitjar havn
Zingari man Navigator
Nivea sensitive
Baxter of california
Fine accoutrements american blend and platinum
Hard to pick but for this very moment (no particular order):
- Skin Bracer
- SV 70th
- Lucky Tiger
- Speick
- homemade witch hazel/aloe blend
Mine aren't aftershave per say but it's more like skin care but really recommend this, guarantee this will help your redness and burns instantly not even an advertisement just on a personal mission to let people know the real good stuff. not sure how hard is it to get but amazon will most likely be on there. cheap as well.
1.Missha Artemisia First Essence this one basically work like a watery after shave.
2.Scinic Artemisia First Essence. same with the missha but cheaper
3.One thing Centella toner and Artemisia/mugwort toner. Centella or Cica should really be in all after shave it's like magic you guys will loved Centella the moment you tried it
4.Laneige Cica Sleeping mask this by far is the best product imo for after shave waking up with a smooth and soft skin as well.
5.Etude House Soonjung balm/cream.

Most of this are skincare brand and ingredient though after shave are also skincare but with more irritated ingredients. I really wish people would use something along the line I recommend rather than alcohol base after shave, you skin will thank you later most of these aren't expensive and will last you atleast 5-6month per product as well. hopefully I could convince some to check it out. there are many more product that will do a much better job and 95% of the current after shave product with similar or lower price but aren't marketing themselve as "after shave".
1. Royall Bay Rhum
2. Musgo Real A/S Lotion
3. Pinaud Clubman
4. Rose of Bulgaria
5. Tabac A/S Lotion

I love Royall Bay Rhum aftershave splash. It has a wonderfully rubbery scent and a beautiful bottle. Musgo Real has a unique and pleasant scent combined with some very nice soothing properties (almost balm-like in its consistency). Pinaud Clubman has that distinctive powdery fragrance that can't be beat. Rose of Bulgaria is the perfect rose lotion (an indispensable item). And Tabac is, well, a woman's purse in a bottle (the balm is nice, too).
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