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Your Opinion - Best dressed man of all time

Was reading somethings the other day on Steve McQueen - perhapes the coolest fellow that has ever lived. His kind of cool - well, it is something one is born with.

Made me think about who would I choose has the best dress man of all time, or at least recent memory. In the past Hollywood stars would be right up there - today most of them dress like idiots. And let's not even talk about tattoos. For me - and I will preface this saying I prefer classic clothing - the best dressed of all time would be the Duke of Windsor. He had the ability to invent style that was always perfect. Second, someone today - Prince Charles. Whomever is in charge of his clothing should write a book. In most every picture I have ever seem of him his look is perfect.

Like I said I am a traditionalist and find most, not all, clothing today silly.
Your thoughts?
James Bond, even though he was fictional, was always a pretty well-dressed gentleman. He made getting the crap kicked out of you look good.

I'm with you on the more traditional dress, and that most Hollywood actors nowadays dress like slobs. :thumbup:
Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra. Also: Clifton Webb, Vincent Price, Sean Connery.

Worse dressed man of all time? Richard Simmons.
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