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Your first shave ever: Year & Gear?

I was still in high school, so maybe the beginning of my senior year, so 1970 or 71. The razor was a Wilinson Sword bonded system single edged cartridge. I used a can of Gillette Foamy and finished with Hai Karate aftershave. I don't remember if I cut myself.
Around 2001. It was either a Gillette Sensor Excel or a Mach3. And I used Mach3s all the way up until a couple of months ago when I found my dad's old Gillette Slim Adjustable and gave it a try.
'89/''90 with my grandpa

Can of Barbasol

With this razor

And him with his
Around 1995. Maybe 1996. When I was 15 or 16. I used the Bic disposables and Barbasol. Those Bic disposables were torture but my dad swore by them. Or maybe was too cheap for anything else. Thing is, he was born in 1943 so I know he started with DE razors. No idea why he switched to garbage.

My first GOOD shave was in 2003 on Paris Island with a Mach 3. I had never shaved against the grain, was always told I wasn't supposed to. A single with the grain pass did not suit my drill instructors at all, so i learend how to do a 2 pass with one ATG real quick. Looking back I'm pretty sure I was told I wasn't supposed to shave against the grain because a Bic disposable would likely have pealed skin off in the process lol.
Grade 10, 1997. I used my dad's Sensor (my own cartridge) and edge gel. I don't remember any details about the shave itself, so it was probably thoroughly "meh". Bought my own Sensor (now with added "Excel") and goo not long after.

Eventually went up to the Mach3, and later the Fusion. Not long after I got the Fusion is when I tried a brush and soap instead of goo. And about a year after that jumped to Weishi TTO. Never looked back after that.
'1968 or '69? The razor was DE OC, probably a Gillette. I thought it was normal to go to school with half a roll of TP around my throat. LOL! Don't remember much more. It was the late 60s afterall, and I 'inhaled'.




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