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Your favourite soap/cream that special one that stands out for you

Hi everyone
I'm always trying out and on the look out for new shaving soaps and creams and so far I tried a decent amount but obviously there's tons I haven’t tried so I'm curious to hear about your favourite soap maker the special one that stands out for you and why
Stirling Eucalyptus Mint. Fresh and cooling. Imagine Proraso green with a much fresher scent and far superior slickness and cushion.


Goodfellas' Smile Abysso is one of my favorite soaps. I have several soaps produced by Goodfellas' Smile. All of them lather easily and create copious amounts of quality lather. All of their soaps have very good residual slickness. What I like about Abysso most of all...is the scent. It's an aquatic scent with a mysterious character to it. I'm a Bay Rum fan and this scent has nothing to do with any Bay Rum I've ever smelled. It's just a really great scent.
I love my B&M Cologne Russe, and where do you find Ethos soap googling it sends me to a lot of different places.....


My choice depends on the AM. But if forced to chose only one it would be Haslinger’s schafmilch!

(Ask tomorrow and my choice may change.)
I really like Cella by the kilo and Arko stick shaved and pressed into a bowl. Waiting for a delivery of a kilo of Vito's redbox, it's supposed to be similar to Cella,
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