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Your favourite soap/cream that special one that stands out for you

Let us know how you think the Vitos compares to Cella.

I've been using Cella and have been wanting to try Vitos as I hear good thing about it on this forum.

CBL premium soaps perform really well for me too. I've only been using them for 6 months or so. But it's earned a spot in my rotation.
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Mike's Orange, Cedarwood, & Black Pepper - accept no substitute. It's his best scent and the performance of all his soaps are top-notch. There's a reason he's been around for so long while other soap makers have had their moment in the sun and then faded away.
My favorite is MdC. It's the easiest lathering soap I've used and it's great lather. It's old school soap, so there's not a lot of unneeded chemicals, and it's cheaper than a lot of the artisan soaps because of ridiculous longevity (I get over 13 months if I use it every day).
B&M Paganini’s Violin. I love the soft heart base and the scent is so different and complex. I was lucky enough to get one of only about 100 tubs that were made.

Excellent stuff!
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