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Your Favorite High End Adjustable? & Why?

This place is amazing to me in many ways. I thought I was being exorbitant when I paid $160 or so for my Claymore Evolution with its stand. I had never heard of most of the high end safety razors shown here and was a bit shocked at how much they cost. Some of them are beautiful... but I have to say... the straight razors are in a totally different class for me... exquisite in their simplicity and beauty. Some of them are thousands of dollars, as you all well know. I didn't, of course.

I am enjoying my time here a lot and will continue to experience the high end products vicariously. It's only taken me three weeks to figure out, the ROI on wet shaving is never.... but it's so much more fun than shaving with a cartridge razor with gel shaving "cream". I'm in about $750 at the moment but am loving it.
In case you want to take out your (high end) adjustables for some rides, here's a proper opportunity to do so... 😀

Happy shaves, y'all!
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