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Yankees and the Red Sox

Some private message banter got me thinking about the greatest rivalry in sports. The Yankees and the Red Sox seem to meet every other week and every game's a sellout. And they are always great games.
Amidst all the cheers and boos, the players and the fans respect each other. The Yankee's need the Red Sox and the Red Sox need the Yankees. It's the thing I love most about baseball, pure sport and the heart of competition. The rivalry even transcends baseball into greatness; any champion needs a great challenger otherwise they would be Champions.
As a devoted Red Sox fan, I tip my hat to the New York Yankees.

But I still wish we had Johnny Damon :biggrin:
Yeah, much as I hate the Yankees, I have to admit that, in all honesty, being a Red Sox fan wouldn't be as much fun without them. Hell, I don't even really hate the Yankees that much, after 2004 :)

It's interesting being a Sox fan in NYC....
Well, as a Sox fan since I was 9 years old, I have to say having the Yankees around has made baseball more interesting for me. I sure wouldn't mind seeing the Yanks in 2nd place once in a while, though.

For all the hate he gets, I'd LOVE to have someone like The Boss own my favorite baseball team. Sure the current brass did what no others could by winning the WS, but I hate the feeling that the team is being run like a Wal-mart.
I have no clue. I'd rather see Gagne than Foulke. I was hoping Hansen would be ready, but he's not even close. This offseason is going to be rough, as I see no real studs in the free agent class. The Sox have money to spend this year, but on who?
Passing on Nixon is almost a given. I'd hate to see him leave, but I hate seeing him on the DL every year as well. That and Willy Mo must play!

You bring up some interesting names, but I'm more concerned about the arms. The bats will hit, but there's no one out there to really help the staff. Zito? I'd pass.
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