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"X" mark on the scales, reason why?

I've noticed that on many razors i've bought or seen on sale, there is an X mark on the scales. Is it my imagination or is it there for a reason?
I'll try to post a few more later on, but I definitely have seen more than one razor with it.
I have had a few razor came my way with initials roughly carved on them like that.
Maybe the owner name was Xavier.
Or maybe he just wanted to mark it for differentiation, being with other guys in a confined space, like army barracks or something.
I have seen x's or other identifying (non-initial) scratches on lots of razor scales. It had to just be to identify the razor.
I guess I'll have to settle for X marks the treasure spot :-/ lol

Here are some pictures of 2 others, plus a full picture of the one I first posted. One is a french razor (Ferrière), another is a Sheffield (Wade&Wingfield) and the other one is the ivory scales I recently got on the BST from France (they are in a zipplock with some mineral oil, I tried to process the shot to show the X mark as well as possible).

Maybe Xavier was a popular name in Sheffield like 100 years ago......Or maybe those razors got sold so many times, thats the mark from the razor knife taking off the shrinkwrap.
I would guess that it was common for barbers to mark the razors that needed work or needed more work than they were able to do.
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